Visitors attracted to Las Vegas are getting younger and more diverse, and they’re spending more on their visit.

Those are just a couple of the findings of the 2022 “Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study” issued by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. For the first time and for a broader reach, the study was conducted via online interviews in addition to the traditional in-person interviews. More than 6,200 interviews were completed.

The average age of tourists was 40.7 years, down from 43.2 years in 2021. Some 48% were Millennials, 27% were Gen X, and only 12% were Baby Boomers, a number that continues to decline during COVID. Another 13% were the youngest Gen Zers.

Tourists in 2022 were also more likely to be single, roughly 33%, significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels. Also higher were employed visitors, in part due to a decrease in retirees and homemakers. More visitors were under the age of 40 than in previous years.

Higher rates of Asians and Asian Americans and Latinos are visiting. Some 62% of all visitors were white, 16% Hispanic, 12% black, and 7% Asian. By comparison, 72% of Baby Boomers were white, 9% Hispanic, 9% black, and 8% Asian, meaning the younger generations were more diverse.

While the percentage of domestic tourists remains similar to past years, international visitors (9%) remain below pre-pandemic levels, up from 3% in 2021.

The report said that in 2022, Las Vegas showed a strong recovery from the effects of the COVID, while continuing to attract new visitors.

With the pandemic gradually receding over the course of the year, visitor planning horizons, activities, spend, and satisfaction evolved from the COVID era. Visitors were also more likely to visit downtown and paid Las Vegas attractions, and attend sporting events.


More than three-quarters (77%) of visitors to said they were “very satisfied” with their trip to Las Vegas, up from 70% in 2021. One in five (20%) said they were “somewhat satisfied.” Only 3% of visitors were dissatisfied with their visit.

Las Vegas met (53%) or exceeded (41%) expectations among the majority of visitors. Nearly nine in ten (87%) are extremely or very likely to return to Las Vegas for vacation or leisure.

Among other findings, 75% of visitors gambled during their stay; the average amount of time they spent gambling was 2.6 hours, down from 3 hours in 2021. The overall gaming budget among gamblers was $761.22, up significantly from pre-pandemic figures.

The average number of days (4.4) and nights (3.4) stayed in Las Vegas was down from 4.6 and 3.6 in 2021, but the same as 2018 and 2019 figures.

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