Legendary Events – Casa Vernescu

Thursday, August 11, Casa Vernescu hosted an event with a lot of Disco.

The event called “54 Studio” attracted the attention not only of visitors from the Casino Palace but also of passers-by on Calea Victoriei, impressing with the music, lights and outfits of the partygoers. The vintage dress code gave those passionate about the past free entry. The past and the present merged perfectly in that electrifying evening, all taking place in the palace parking lot. The dance of lights warmed the body of the building and the adrenaline seekers, whether it was from the pleasant music or the gambling.

Even if you are not passionate into gambling you can also visit us for the aspects of the building built more than 200 years ago. Visitors from all over the world come here for the history, architecture, legend and entertainment.

The building has two levels – ground floor and first floor – and its center is occupied by a vast elliptical hall. The palace was a restaurant by the Vernescu brothers before 1870. In the salon on the first floor, the painter executed on the ceiling a scene representing “Dance”, marked at the corners by four curved cartouches symbolizing “Justice”, “Truth” and “Force “, according to the description in the volume “Dictionary of monuments and famous places from Bucharest” (Editura Meronia, 2011).

According to the testimonies of the time, this construction was one of the most beautiful in Bucharest in the first quarter of the 19th century. The history of the building, its secrets and animation bring back the pleasure of knowledge and fun.

At this event organized by “Le petit”, more details were presented about the Grand Draw on October 15, where prizes of over 100,000 euros will be awarded.

Simplicity is not an option for us, so the two fabulous parties will complete a story-telling evening. Prizes are intended for visitors to both the Slot Machines Zone and the Live Games Zone who have collected tickets maximizing their chances of winning. The operating hours are 24h/7, where Valet Parking services are offered free of charge in the Casino’s own parking lot.

For more details you can follow us on our social networks – Facebook: ”Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu Bucharest” or on our Instagram page: ”palace_casino_at_casa_vernescu”.

Please note that gambling is not a get-rich-quick or other source!

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