Comedy with best taste in Las Vegas

One of the most appreciated and well-known comedians in the world, the remarkable Jerry Seinfeld has chosen a famous casino in Las Vegas for two of his best shows. The gambling devotees and not only came in a huge number to watch his shows of pure comedy, which make you laugh your head off.

There are plenty of shows at the casinos in Las Vegas, for all tastes. It only depends on what you feel and what you want to see in a special night. But no other place is as generous in Las Vegas as the renowned Caesars Palace Casino – not only for gambling, but also for the shows of high class, given by great personalities of the musical and artistic stage.

One of these is Jerry Seinfeld’s, the comedian we know from the homonymous series. He is 58 and people around the world know him. Last month, he chose to have two shows at The Colosseum, the Caesars Palace Casino.

A sharp sense of observation

It was not the first time when famous Seinfeld selected this location for his stand-up comedy shows. He was at the luxurious casino in 2003. During the two shows, he talked about life, marriage, children and made jokes on his extremely sharp sense of observation.

Even though the ticket price started from 119.50 USD, the guests in the city of casinos herded to see and listen to the great comedian. Seinfeld is not the only star to have chosen Caesars Palace to perform in front of a public. The ones that previously charmed the audience were Celine Dion, Bette Middler, Elton John, Rod Stewart and the Taiwan singer Wakin Chan.

An impressive career

He is a stand-up comedy actor, writer and producer. Seinfeld is a comedian of ‘observatory’ type and his comedy relies on ordinary things, happening every day. His fame came after the ‘Seinfeld’ sitcom, where he played Jerry Seinfeld, a caricature of his own persona. This part brought him a Golden Globe in 1994. The series lasted from 1989 until 1998. ‘Seinfeld’ had become so popular so that the last episode, broadcast on March 14, 1998 was watched by 76 million people in America.

Amazing earnings

The last season of ‘Seinfeld’ brought him fabulous winnings. Both a producer and actor, he cashed in not less than 267 million USD in 1998. Between 2005 and 2006, Seinfeld made 160 millions from copyright to the show and from his stand-up comedy, and 85 million USD from 2008 to 2009. Plus, he received 10 millions from magnate Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft company, for a Windows advertising clip. The largest part of his fortune comes from the share (split with Larry David) deriving from the reruns of Seinfeld, which made 2.7 billion USD between 1999 and 2011.

The American media estimated the actor’s slice to 300-400 millions. Hard to believe, but the star denied a 110-million USD offer, his share, to shoot ‘Seinfeld’tenth season, 22 episodes – i.e. 5 million per episode.

A happy personal life

In November 1998, Jerry married Jessica Sklar, director at customer relations department at ‘Tommy Hilffiger’. She had left her fiancé, a theatre producer, to tie the knot with Seinfeld, with whom she has three children – a girl and two boys: Sascha, Julian Kal and Shepherd Kellen. Right after the wedding, Jerry bought a magnificent 32-million villa in Amagansett, a residential area close to New York.

A Porsche collector

Gaga about cars, Seinfeld built an enormous garage, for which he paid 1.4 million USD. This garage hosts 46 Porsche cars, the actor’s favorite brand. The most valuable piece of the collection is a Porsche 959, a car made between 1986 and 1989 in only 337 copies worldwide. For this collectible car, the American paid 700,000 USD.

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