Google Glass, banned at Caesars Palace

Even though they are not officially on the market, Google Glass have been banned. Hotel-casino Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has announced that they are not allowed for use at that location.

A spokesperson of the famous Casino in the Gambling City has publicly made known, via Computer World, that the people wearing Google Glass would be denied entrance into Caesars Palace.

‘The game rules forbid the use of computers or of the recording devices for all gamblers,’ said Gary Thompson with Caesars Palace. ‘Anyone breaking the rules will take the risk to be arrested, ’the Casino spokesperson warned. As a preventive measure, Google Glass was banned in a Seattle bar. The authorities in West Virginia have attempted to ban their use while driving.

Unbelievable performance

Google Glass is a wearable computer that allows the users to access the internet, take photos and videotape. To activate the glasses, the user has to look directly at that person to take his/her photo or to videotape. This device is still being improved, but the test-versions have been sent to 2,000 application developers. A number of 8,000 people selected by Google will receive a pair of such glasses.


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