Cash Support

Cash Support self-service cash/card/ticket redemption terminal is now installed in one of the most prestigious casino locations in the world.

The SBM Casino de Monte Carlo has installed the Cash Support self-service cash/card/ticket redemption terminal at the casino, the first to appear at Europe’s casino “capital.”

Now almost every process normally carried out at a cash desk can be carried out automatically by the CTM-One. Less standing in line and less human interaction when redeeming tickets is seen as a major bonus for the famous Monaco location.

The Dutch supplier’s sales director, Erik de Kat, declared: “There are so many features to the terminal that the cost-saving, time-saving and, in today’s climate, personal safety considerations make the installation of a CTM-One the most attractive proposition for a casino.”

De Kat’s company offers a wide variety of self-service terminals with connectivity to all major CMS suppliers and site-ready for all future payment developments such as wallet and contactless transactions.

“The unit is so flexible,” said de Kat, “that it can be configured in any combination of features and services. In short, you name it and we can accommodate it with the CRT-One.”

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