Apple In-Play

In-Play purchases as gambling in a law suit against Apple could decide on what is gambling and what is not gambling.

A law suit brought against Apple could decide on what is gambling and what is not and if companies offering “in-play” purchases are actually termed gambling.

The suit brought by Karen Workman says she spent some £2,500 over a six month period on a free-to-play iPhone App game called Jackpot Mania. The plaintiff claims that the game offered coin purchases so you can continue to play for a chance to win more time playing the game.

Last week the lawsuit was filed in the District of Connecticut, which claimed that Apple “promotes, enables, and profits” from gambling games.

Apple says that it prohibits gambling Apps in their App Store, however the lawsuit claims that you “have the ability to win and therefore acquire more playing time” falls under the gambling category.

According to AppleInsider who broke the story, lawyers for the plaintiff claim that: ”that credits that are “recorded and allow one to extend play” are a thing of value.”

Furthermore, the complaint also read that “Apple is not some minor or incidental participant in these illegal gambling games. It is the principal promoter and facilitator of the illegal activity. Apple maintains dictatorial control over what apps can be downloaded from the App Store, and the payment method to purchase in-app items.”

If the case is won and it is unclear how the case will go it very well could spell the end for any company offering in-play purchases of this kind as they would be deemed as gambling.

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