The gambling industry is a rapidly growing industry that drives product novelties at a fast-pace. EGT is setting the bar by continuously developing products and services that are newer, better, and – most importantly – more engaging for the players.
With this in mind, EGT created The Collection Series to please the players to the greatest extent with its 4 multigame mixes, each of 48 different games: Orange Collection, Green Collection, Red Collection and Fruit Collection.
The Collection Series is a compilation of the most popular EGT titles that are driven by the powerful platform Exciter III. The player has the opportunity to choose between multiple denominations from the select game screen, using simple and convenient navigation. The animated upper screen shows additional information about the game families of each title.
When it comes to variety, convenience and flexibility, Collection Series are unmatched, providing the exciting games that will offer you the client retention you always wanted. Practically, right now, you can radically improve your players experience simply by getting the Collection Series. Each collection is a compilation of 48 of the most popular EGT titles that players can enjoy on various cabinets, from the all too-known EGT cabinets already on the market (including P-24/24 Up and previous series) to the newly launched P-27/27 St and P-27/27 St Slim, P-27/32H St, the P-42V Up Curved and P-42V St Curved with their arched displays that give more space for the graphics of the games, and also on the Super Premier cabinets with their cutting-edge technology and futuristic design!
Players can enjoy all titles in Romanian local market as Collection Series are soon to be present in all of the locations with EGT cabinets.
We already have type approval for the Orange Collection, with the rest of the collections following soon on approval, so order your Orange Collection now!


When it comes to emerging technologies, nothing stands out more than the newest gaming platform:
Exciter III
The Exciter III® is a gaming platform developed by the EGT engineers especially for the newest product line of video slot games and multi-level progressive jackpot slot games of the company.
The new platform offers advanced technology that works perfectly with every new product of the company, giving the customers flexibility and solution that meets their business goals. The platform offers more processing power, enhanced graphics, animations, sounds and improved usability and all that help the game developers creating the products which meet customers’ requirements.
Exciter III® is created in accordance with the latest gaming industry trends which are a guarantee for high system stability and maximum protection. It maintains different types of peripheral devices and modules and supports two Ethernet network channels as well. This allows for rapid exchange of information in local casino networks and it also helps maintain server-based games.
The structure of the platform incorporates thoughtfully designed cooling system which assists to increase the time between periodical technical maintenance.
The powerful Exciter III platform powers the newest cabinets from EGT portfolio: from Super Premier, P-42V Up Curved, P-42V St Curved to the newly launched P-27/27 St and P-27/27 St Slim, P-27/32H St, but also the all-too-known EGT cabinets already on the market P-24/24 Up.

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