Odeta Cristinela Nestor

The relation with the gambling industry has relied on an open dialogue…

The legal initiatives, so controversial, are still under debate in the Parliament.

What is the status of the legal initiatives that made quite a stir in the gambling industry in Romania?
As you probably know, these controversial initiatives are still being debated by the Romanian Parliament, but in different stages. It is quite impossible for us to inform you about the exact position they are in at present. The reason is that we, as an institution, are notified only when they are entering the deliberation stage by the commissions or in the plenary meetings, to support the Parliament viewpoint towards such initiatives.

How did the professional associations respond to your requests to make amendments to the gambling laws?

From the very beginning, our relation with the gambling industry has relied on an open and active dialogue and the regular meetings prove it. Our interest is mutual, namely to build a responsible and fair industry for both the operators and the players. We are all aware of the significant economic importance that a balanced and correct business environment can actually bring.
Apart from these meetings, several officials of the professional associations sent us written proposals regarding the requests for amendments to the legislation pertinent to their line of work (betting, slots). Our intention is to harmonize such proposals and integrate them into a project that will make the market attractive and competitive, yet to consider the realities and the social liabilities and also the European practice and regulations in this sector.

How do you assess these proposals?

Our request was that these representatives draft amendment proposals mutually convened, so as they have a general perspective, coherent and as complete as possible that will include the solution to the present issues on the market. The reason for our request was that these people have known one another for a long time and it would be easier for them to harmonize the proposals coming from different sectors and for the whole industry. In contrast with our expectations, we received incomplete proposals, mainly about lowering the taxes and several minor measures to protect the players and the minors. We are still waiting for much better, useful and exhaustive proposals.

What was the feedback from the parliament members in terms of such amendments?

During the discussions initiated by diverse organizations, to which I was invited, it seems that the common reasoned position of ONJN and of the private sector on the issues above, managed to provide the parliament members with another perspective, based on real data gathered from the market.

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