I have managed to balance my professional and private life

The experience acquired by the entire team and the complete package of services meant for organizers make the difference

Hello, Mrs. Alexandra Metea and thank you for agreeing to this interview. For the people who do not know you, please introduce yourself.
I am Alexandra Metea, the Financial Director of Integrate Accounting.

What was your first contact with the gambling sector?
I made the first acquaintance with it in 2005, within a company dealing with gambling organization.

Why have you held on to this field instead of a different one?
My first job was the contact with the gambling industry and it has turned into a reference point for my future activity. This is where I was quite lucky to meet with well trained people, with a vast experience in gambling, who guided me and gave me the chance to be part of their team. While I was acquiring experience and knowledge, I realized that it was passion involved. And when you do something out of passion, no matter the field, the results are a perfect match.

You told us how the company managed by you came into existence. Did you have support from your family, friends when everything began?

Integrate Accounting was established in 2010, after 5 years of gaining the required experience.
We were then able to target all the economic agents with our services. Somehow, I have managed to balance my professional and private life. And my family was the first to provide me with the support and trust for this project. My close relatives have always been on my side, understood that I like this line of work. And when you have your family to back you up and passion in what you are doing, good results are just round the corner.

Who is now in the Integrate Accounting team?
Our team at Integrate Accounting is made up of people trained in both the financial, accounting and gambling sectors. My experience and my workmates’ is a strong recommendation for the accounting and financial expertise in all sectors and for the operational side in the gambling industry. I am talking here about the detailed reports, statistics that we provide to the organizers in terms of improving their activity. To give you an example – our colleague, Adrian Florescu has had a 9-year experience in the gambling in Romania, EU and non EU member states.

In a previous interview, you said that you have services aimed at the gambling organizers.
Can you give us a few details about these services?

A list of our services is mentioned below:
Compiling the file for obtaining the organizer’s license;
Compiling the file for obtaining the exploitation authorization;
Compiling and filing the stipulations in the GER 77/2009;
Compiling the file for the working points where the gaming equipment is exploited;
The monthly balance;
Acquisition and recording of the entrance tickets;
The calculation and stating the gambling taxes and charges;
Registration of the working points;
Obtaining the proofs of registration;
Compiling the file for approval – The Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology (B.R.M.L.);
Compiling the B.R.M.L. file for initial/regular technical verification/service;
Representation before BRML;
Representation before the National Gambling Office;
Business consultancy.
In order to meet the objectives set up by the clients, the Integrate Accounting team provides services of financial consultancy. It is quite essential for us to give you the best solutions in the financial sector, which will contribute to the success of your business. Our target people are the Romanian and foreign natural and legal persons, residents or non-residents.
To this purpose, our services are as follows:
The analysis of the financial structures;
Assistance in VAT issues and tax charges;
Assistance to the taxpayer during the fiscal controls;
Analysis of the financial flows, the cash flow;
The analysis of the assets and liabilities;
The analysis of the capital and fixed assets;
Consultancy regarding fiscality at the organizational level;
Drafting the profit and loss budget;
Assistance for avoiding double taxation;
Optimization of the payment taxes and solution for their minimizing, in compliance with the current legislation;
Consultancy in financial, accounting and fiscal legislation (income tax, profit tax, VAT, excises,
social insurance);
Human resources and Revisal.
Payment and staff services:
Representation before the control authorities at M.F.P. and I.T.M.;
Drafting individual work contracts, additional documents, termination/ suspension decisions;
Drafting seniority, unemployment certificates;
Drafting the job description forms;
Drafting the payment rolls/time- keeping forms;
Establishing the performance criteria in cooperation with the company management;
Drafting the fiscal forms;
Compiling and filing the statements regarding the relevant duties for the employees;
Recording of the employees in the Registry (REVISAL);
Compiling and filing the statement regarding the payment duties for the social contributions, income tax and the nominal list of the insured people;
Basic accountancy services;
Accountancy and fiscal consultancy services;
Services of financial accounting and business data processing.
For complete details, please visit www.integrateaccounting.ro

What makes your company different from the similar ones in this field?
As mentioned earlier, it is the experience acquired by the entire team and the complete package of services meant for organizers that make the difference. Besides the financial and accounting services, we assist our partners with services pertinent to gambling before the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology and the National Gambling Office. Very many companies, not only in this industry, outsource these services, in order to improve their activity. We want and hope to cross the contract limits and become part of their business via our services. We provide optimum and customized solutions for each activity and are trying to find the best way, along with the company, for a durable development of their projects.

Why gambling and services targeting the gambling organizers, instead of another sector?
Integrate Accounting provides financial and accounting services to all the economic agents in all the sectors. My experience happened to start in a gambling company and the first job remains as a reference for the future. Gambling is a complex domain, with a specific legislation, regulated by a state institution meant to authorize the control and monitoring of the gambling industry.

After the first participation to E-arena, what was the feedback from your guests?
Integrate Accounting had its first participation to Entertainment Arena Expo this year, which was quite a singular experience, to help us in the years to come. First, we wanted to meet as many gambling representatives as possible and introduce them to our services. We have been thrilled to meet people from all over the country who showed a great interest towards our packages of services. There were very open people, who let us know about their activities and the flawed areas, such as during the controls made by the competent authorities. Since gambling looks like a mosaic, our goal was to identify the weakest points, so we could best assist them. At the end of those three exhibition days, we were able to initiate contacts with organizers and gambling manufacturers, concluded contracts, etc.

What are the main issues/ questions that they pointed out to you?
Most issues that they talked about are related to VAT, community and intra-community acquisitions, forms that are specific to the gambling sector.

How do you see the future of this industry in Romania, from a legal perspective and beyond?

We trust that the gambling associations and the National Gambling Office, following their discussions with the competent authorities, will be able to draft a bill, transparent and capable to regulate the gambling market, which will get rid of all the deficiencies.

What does a regular day in your life look like?
My intention is to keep a daily balance between profession and private life. Even though I spend most of my time at the office, I still manage to also take some time for activities that help me relax and log myself off from work.

Do you have any hobbies?
Should I have a classification, this would be reading, cooking and extreme sports.

You are already familiar with our magazine. What is your take on and what should it include in order to be more useful in the gambling sector, for both the players, manufacturers and operators?
I do congratulate you for the magazine and your numerous projects. Your particular interest in the important issues in gambling is highly appreciated. It was the first time this year when I participated to your seminar ‘What’s the time…in gambling’ during the Entertainment Arena Expo 2014. The fact that you succeed to bring together people in this industry and the official institutions, in order to harmonize relations, is a plus value that you add to the gambling sector in Romania

Thank you for this interview.
Thank you, too.


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