In the first half you will make some investments for your home. Chances to win in gambling come in the second half.

You will do a lot of running around to collect all the money you deserve. After June 27, fate will smile at you, but to a lesser extent.

Good luck is yours as your earnings will be quite satisfying – on the other hand, expenses will exceed them and you should pay attention to how deep you are going into your pocket.

Someone may try to double-cross you. A more prudent approach is not going to harm at all. You will come across an interesting investment towards the end of this interval.

Avoid to get yourself involved in some business bordering illegality. A serious fine will be written to your name. A partnership could be in the cards, which will bring considerable advantages.

Your agenda is full of projects and you should make up your mind. The money you have been waiting for is not coming now, but there is no reason for you to worry.

Some older financial complaints will get more bothering. You have to work hard, even for little money. Possible and better solutions are visible for the second half.

Should you are in a foreign partnership, the chance is on your side. Even a trip could bring you sizable benefits.

A very much favorably financial spell will start for you towards the end of June. The business you are running will be growing up.

You will have to make some expenses in your home. Talks with the relatives about an investment you have been thinking about will not be out of question.

Should you wish to involve yourself in a new financial project, do not expect overnight results. Partnerships are helpful, but you should lend your ear to other people’s advice.

A certain amount of money could fall off the sky. Gambling will help you, provided you know when to say ‚Stop!’.

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