Your skills in the financial plan will be emphasized especially during the first part of the period. You could get involved in all sorts of business, but be careful what collaborators you choose.

You will be especially interested in collaborations during this period, but you will have to be extremely careful, as any mistake can bring losses.

Impulsive reactions won’t do you any good. Be cautious when you take a financial decision and not only.

Some of your material problems will be solved due to your family’s support. It wouldn’t be out of the question to have a winning also, due to some inspired speculations.

Investing in real estate will bring you important winnings, especially at the beginning of the period. However, be cautious and don’t get influenced by those who are looking for an immediate accomplishment.

The financial problems you have faced so far are just as solved. Someone of your close entourage will make you a proposal which will bring a supplemental income.

The interest for the material situation will be exacerbated during this period. And your abilities to handle money could bring you some winnings, but it is good to try to see things in perspective.

The expenses will be quite high throughout the entire period and any neglect could make things get out of control. Be careful, as you might be the victim of deception.

You will be tempted to get involved in all sorts of financial speculations, which is not a bad thing, on the condition that they are 100% legal. If not, you might have some less pleasant surprises.

You will get the occasion to make an investment which will pay off shortly. If you want to buy electronics or home appliances, now it’s the time for it.

You will have some expenses to make in the company of your friends. It wouldn’t be out of the question that somebody you know might try to fool you.

At the beginning of the period you should be careful, but after this moment you have every chance to win from financial speculations or from gambling.

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