Casino Life & Business Magazine once again partner of a world class event.

Feeric Fashion Days confirmed once again its statute as the most important fashion week in Eastern Europe with an international standard Gala, which was held on the passage suspended parallel to the Bridge of Lies in Sibiu’s Small Square.

The eighth edition of the festival brought over 50 designers and guests from all over the world to Alba Iulia and Sibiu, from countries such as France, England, Italy, USA, Argentina, Serbia, Spain, Malta, Sweden, the Netherlands or Belgium.

After two days in the Alba Carolina Citadel, the festival continued in Sibiu with five days of exceptional presentations in unique places in Sibiu and its surroundings. World class designers presented their collections in the summer gardens of the Brukenthal Baron Palace in Avrig, in the spectacular Evangelic Church in the Huet Square, in the courtyards of the History Museum or of the Brukenthal Palace in Sibiu, on the Sibiu International Airport runway or in the Sibiu Romanian Railways Locomotive Museum Depot. The central focus of the festival was on the new Feeric Venue, created within the generous spaces of Redal Expo.

“We have gathered a lot of experience in the eight years of the festival, and this was best seen this year. It was, by far, the most successful event created by me and my team and the reactions we got from our guests, especially those from abroad, confirm the fact that Feeric Fashion Days has reached an international standard unmatched in Eastern Europe”, says Mitichi, President of the fashion week in Alba Iulia and Sibiu.

The last day of the festival started at the entrance to the Summer Palace of Baron Brukenthal in Avrig, presenting a loose collections signed by the Dutch designer Michelangelo Winklaar. The secondary porch of the Evangelic Church in Huet Square then hosted an extremely spectacular presentation of the “Salomeia Truță” Fashion Institute, a collective collection full of personality, with a warrior sense and many mystical elements to it.

The Feeric Fashion Days Gala was watched by several thousand people, besides the places made available by the organizers, the terraces in the Small Square were all filled with people who wanted to see the eight collections presented the last enchanted night. Alina Mărgulescu, Mona Predescu, Alexandra Indrieș, Georgiana Stavrositu, Alina Cernătescu, La Mode Toujours, Lavinia Ilieș and Tiberiu Berbeci presented their new creations on a passage bridge which was different from the previous years, and which emphasized even more the designers’ creations. The Feeric Fashion Days Gala was presented by the international top model Catrinel Menghia, who also made her debut as a designer at the festival, with a new bags collection named Catherinelle.

“It is, at the same time, an honor and a pleasure for us to be partenrs in this super show which grows each year and attracts a bigger and bigger audience”, said Mihnea Paul Popescu, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine.

Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu is an event of the Mitichi Foundation, co-funded by the Local Council through Sibiu City Council.

Feeric Fashion Days Alba Iulia is an event of the Mitichi Foundation, financed by the Alba Iulia City Council.

Main partners: Boromir, Kessler, Redal Expo, Mecatronics, Peroni, Wella, Paese.

Casino Life & Business Magazine has been the media partner of this extraordinary event dedicated to contemporary art ever since its first editions.

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