Your financial affairs will improve, even though expenses are present. You could make some money from gambling, but will spend a lot for entertainment.

You might have some financial struggle during the mid interval. For the rest, things will go upward, so you have no reason to worry about anything.

Chances are brighter than usual at the beginning of this interval. After August 12, it is likely you sign some contracts or be part in negotiations where the key words are extreme caution.

Your financial efforts will have a successful outcome. It is a good time to buy beauty ornaments or to spend for your own comfort.

In spite of some complaints, you are still on the bright side and your struggle has proved fruitful. An important amount of money could be deposited into your account towards the end of August.

Money will not be one of your priorities at the present moment. You will still receive some information that might turn into cash, if more attention is being paid.

You are fussing more than ever and initiatives could be lucrative, provided that you are cautious. A person in the family could make some money, which is also a positive sign for your own pocket.

Your impulse mood could bring you into dissensions with your business partners. On the other hand, you can start a serious business on condition that you are able to control your emotions.

You feel the urge to spend for entertainment but you should not go to extremes. You will get lucky if you want to round a financial activity off rather to initiate a new one.

The discussions in your family will deal with joint investments. It would not hurt you to listen to the advice from the other members, at least once in a while.

You are rather disappointed about how things are going but you tend to exaggerate right now. Everything will be done your way, sooner or later.

If involved in business with foreign partners, luck is on your side. It would not be out of the question to make some money from an academic activity.


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