A gambling addict fights in court

To lose 1.5 billion dollars at a casino proves a rather frightening pathological behavior, no matter how much money that person has.

Harry Kakavas did the above in only 14 months, as we read in ‚ The Sydney Morning Herald’. The place – Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Now, Harry wants to recover this money, at least part of it, in court. As the Supreme Court in Australia describes him ‚the greatest of the high rollers’, Harry strongly claims that the Casino representatives have enticed him to spend a real fortune on gambling. To be more exact, he played and lost USD1.5 bil at Crown Casino in baccarat.

USD164 millions in 5.5 hours

During one of his gambling bouts, Kakavas dropped 164 millions in five and a half hours only. He is actually known to have flown to Las Vegas to play and lost 4 millions in one day. His intention is to get back so far 20 millions as possible, but the legal attempt have gone until now unsuccessful.
His attorney, Allan Myers Q.C., states that Kakavas received specialist help and the psychologist diagnosed him as ‚pathological gambler, manifesting poor judgement related with gambling,’ It seems that the Casino representatives were aware of this diagnosis but they nevertheless let him play further on.

Stolen money for gambling

Kakavas’ addition to gambling pressured him to borrow money from friends and loans from the banks. He even stole USD300,000, which landed him behind bars. His legal fight with Crown Casino cost him much more, as he was required to pay for the court costs.

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