Sorin Gheorghe

GS BET philosophy: customer first

GS BET emphasizes the facilitation of a unique gaming experience for customers and the development of relationships with partners through procedures tailored to their needs. Focus in 2022: slot machine organizers.

2022, after 20 years of operation and specialization in the area of fixed odds betting, brings for GS BET an important step forward in the company’s trajectory: the development of collaborations and partnerships with slot machine organizers. A desideratum that, together with the expertise held in the sports betting industry, creates a symbiosis with the company’s development vision. In addition, the company is committed to its current and potential partners to provide them with procedures and work systems customized to their needs: “We have developed such well-organized internal functions and procedures that, with only one click, our partners will find any document or information they need or will customize and configure their business according to their needs and desires”, says the CEO of GS BET, Sorin Gheorghe.

For over 20 years, GS BET has been a constant presence in the Romanian gambling market, being recognized as one of the important players in the fixed odds betting sector. Last year, almost ten years after the introduction of autonomous betting terminals in the Romanian market for the first time, GS BET launched one of the best performing gambling products in our country, namely the GS BET sports betting application.

Sorin Gheorghe says that the business he runs puts a special emphasis on developing franchise-type relationships with partners across the country, in order to add value to their business, whether we are talking about a larger or smaller portfolio of locations, and that the key elements of their collaboration with GS Bet consist of functions, automations, settings customized to the needs of each partner and very well organized internal procedures: „For several years, we have been developing a lot of possibilities in our sports betting platform, focused especially on the wishes and needs of the partners who want to own their own brand for the sports betting area and to promote it in the locations in their network. Related to this aspect, our novelty is that we want to continue the development of our partnership network and to go to the area of slot machines for which we have prepared flexible conditions, attractive and mutually advantageous offers”, continues Sorin Gheorghe.

Custom settings for franchisors
“At the beginning of our relationship with franchisors, we offer them the opportunity to customize their business, through a form they receive upon enrollment and with which they will configure their settings in the approved franchise system. The form provides over 40 custom settings for each partner, such as, but not limited to:
Own logo. The most important function we thought of was to print the logos of our partners on the betting vouchers so that the customer experience would be unique;
Access to the central server administration application, with the ability to view certain functions and information in the system, an ideal tool for partners who have the ability, through employees at their headquarters, to analyze in real time and intervene quickly in any situation;
The type of banknotes the money reader can accept. With a single click, each partner can configure all money readers, so that decisions (for example the elimination from the acceptance of the 500 lei banknote) do not affect other partners in our entire network;
Minimum and maximum acceptance limits for each type of bet;
Jackpot settings are made by each partner organizer, prizes will only be awarded on the internal network, plus another 30 types of settings for each jackpot offered.
“In addition to a fast communication with our call-center department, we also offer this increased value through updates and configurations of our betting application that will allow them a faster control of the business”, adds Sorin Gheorghe.

Automation and digitization, the strength of GS BET
Much of the evolution of GS BET in these 20 years is due to the implementation of modern and innovative technologies, in short, digitalization. “We have always looked for diversity, we have been receptive to the new, we have imposed trends in order to reinvent sports betting and offer the final recipient, the customer, a unique, more interactive and professional gaming experience. We confirm this trend for the coming year and we want to position ourselves as a model to follow on the market, through the digitization solutions we offer. For example, at present, we are already using RPA technologies to organize documents, ie robots designed to make work easier. What is important to remember is that we propose complex and powerful three-way automation solutions, developed internally:
• Business Process Automation (RPA)
• File Work Automation (ETL)
• Automation of data collection, processing and integration processes (ETL)
Specifically, each document is archived and stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud, the cloud services platform offered by Microsoft with multiple and advanced features, accessible according to needs. Internal workflows generate a varied, complex, and meaningful volume of data and files. We use desktop applications and web applications from the Microsoft suite, including Teams, web applications for terminal management, VBA applications for generating primary documents, CRM application for management and a very well-developed call center with a simple access number, and namely 072BETS or 073BETS
The ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) solution implemented within our company is based on a globally recognized data and file integration platform, which allows:

• Design and development of fully automated tasks
• Complex mapping of information from different sources
• Task monitoring
• Data and file processing and integration
• Data quality assurance
• Business process optimization
The implemented automation solution combines the flexibility of the ETL platform with Microsoft Power Platform applications (Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI). The infrastructure is a hybrid, but the largest share is the cloud, we use the PaaS services provided by Microsoft. Financial data extracted from terminals and used in a specific web application is collected daily, automatically, using the ETL platform and distributed to a master database. Intranet and extranet files collected by operators on different channels (Teams, Email-Exchange) or automatically generated are stored and classified in a SharePoint library. All records about these files (metadata) stored in the SharePoint library are extracted using ETL and imported into the master database, being mapped to other partner location information. The master database (SQL) allows us a complex, detailed analysis of the information and files circulating within the company and in relation to the partners, being available a series of Power BI reports.”

Financial analysis through Business Intelligence
For this segment, GS BET uses Microsoft Power BI, a Business Intelligence tool that provides an overview of the business from a single interactive screen. Some of the advantages that such a tool offers and from which through the partnership with GS BET, the partners can benefit:
Dynamic maps with our locations, with activity indicators at any desired level;
Reports that monitor certain types of bets, such as Cash-OUT. We can identify in real time whether a function is profitable or what should be done to become profitable;
Alert system – the system sends automatic alerts to managers when certain thresholds of total turnover are reached in a location or group of locations, on a match, lottery round or any other desired threshold. The system can stop betting or just send a notification until the next final acceptance threshold. The control is total and is held by an application that can be installed on the mobile phone;
Predict future results. After analyzing the past factors, it can be suggested what the level of income or even the level of profit will be for the next month, quarter or year;
Location activity monitoring¸ and if a collection is not made on the current day, the manager is automatically informed.

CRM application for area managers
GS BET has developed and implemented a functional CRM system, through a customer relationship management application that allows partners to build and manage the relationship with current and potential customers. What’s new is that GS BET has improved the CRM application with the following visualization options, which are designed to make workflows work better, manage and increase productivity:
Consumer activity – the ability to see if a customer is active or not;
Custom transactions – the ability to view transactions made (deposits and replenishments) over a period of time;
Pending tickets – the possibility to view unpaid tickets in the system (value and number of tickets);
Pending credit tickets – the possibility to view credit confirmations (vouchers) not converted in the system (value and number of vouchers).

Specifically, we managed to offer our partners control of the business with a single click.

Over 500 sports betting terminals in stock
In addition to the approximately 2,000 sports betting terminals already present in the betting locations, GS BET has an impressive stock of such devices, over 500 pieces, ready for new collaborations, which, according to Sorin Gheorghe, offers the opportunity to be with partners of all sizes, supporting them in the development of their network and, at the same time, partners who want to expand and manage large networks of locations.
“We are able to do this, and the experience so far has shown us that we can double the number of rooms in a single year, without compromising on the quality of services. We are always connected to the latest trends in this field and will invest in the future in the most modern tools to facilitate access to quality entertainment and partnerships based on mutually beneficial conditions.
We have had very strong partnerships for almost 20 years and all of them are based on mutual respect, communication and making promises.

Already in 20 years you will encounter all kinds of problems and I don’t think we, the ones from GSBET, have any unknown regarding gambling.
“We have been on the market for a long time, we have grown and evolved with our customers. From the lotto-pronosport betting we started with, we have innovated, we innovate and we know what needs to be covered in the sports betting area for the years to come and above all, we understand that the ease of accessing match offers for players and the control we offer our partners over our own network recommends us as the only bookmaker that is truly interested in the prosperity of our partners’ business. In addition, the main advantage of slot machine organizers is that we have not had and will never have slot machines in our portfolio. Point. Never.
I believe that each individual must be efficient in his activity and especially important for him to be a professional only in one field of activity. This is why I believe that the diversification of individuals into several areas causes the attention to detail to be diluted, a mistake I have never made in all my work. I’m a man who probably knows everything about sports betting, I’ve never talked about slot machines, or about the greenhouse effect or about global warming.
In 2022 we want to develop partnerships only with slot machine organizers who want to propel their business to another level, offering a unique gaming experience to customers”,
says GS BET CEO Sorin Gheorghe.

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