Audiență extraordinară

Extraordinary audience, both on the official website and on social media channels, for articles published by Casino Life & Business Magazine.

These days we have received the results of the official monitoring of the media channels through which our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine communicates the daily news from the world of domestic and international gambling.

Thus, between November 16 and December 13, 2021, the articles and news published on social media channels were above expectations:

– on Facebook over 65,000 people read the news published by us (more precisely 65,285) totaling an increase of 19% and over 9,000 passed them on (share) to be read by others (more precisely 9,034) meaning an increase of 15%.

– on LinkedIn over 8,000 people read the news published by us (more precisely 8,321) totaling an increase of 10% and over 1,000 passed them on (share) to be read by others (more precisely 1,158) meaning an increase of 12%.

If we add to these remarkable results the over 22,000 unique visitors of the official website, we can get a pretty clear picture of the impact that the articles and news published daily by Casino Life & Business Magazine have.

And the statistics would not be complete without mentioning the 25% increase in the number of subscribers on the existing Life Casino & Business Magazine TV channel on YouTube, a channel to which you can subscribe very quickly and easily right now, from HERE .

Thank you for these exceptional results to all those involved, be they technical or editorial staff, but especially to the readers who appreciate and follow us daily!

Read the news HERE.

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