Hardly had one year passed since the National Gambling Office was founded, a year when the entire gambling market in Romania got into a rut of normality and professionalism, when out of nowhere a pack of the people elects thought that they should start serving other interests.
Hardly had the Office legalized most of the equipment operating underground, when this pack started forbidding their use in the gaming rooms, which will surely take us back to square one, i.e. the black market.
And no sooner had everything been quiet and peaceful with another legislative proposition from the UDMR parliament members than the gay pack of PSD and UNPR members, reunited in a fresh formula, got into thinking that a quasi-monopoly of the slots at the Romanian lottery was required.
Just because the arguments they have brought are so childish, because the signatories of the proposition are clueless about what they agreed upon and how much harm they can bring upon this country, because of that…we must be one and leave aside the personal interests, in order to be able to fight with equal forces with an apparatus that serves certain interests coming against the welfare of the national economy.
And I have no idea why something has to happen in our country when you expect it the least….and, again, I do not know why but nothing good happens ever!
Just because of that, you the elects….Leave us alone!

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