The Romanian fighter, Daniel Ghita went against the Dutch veteran Wendell Roche, 41, during the K-1 Rising Gala in Madrid, on 27 of May. And he smashed him.

The Romanian sportsman. Daniel Ghita, did not seem very affected with emotions before the K-1 Rising game in Madrid. Paul Slowinski and Damian Garcia had previously scratched for unknown reasons – thus Daniel Ghita had to go against Wendell Roche, a 41-year old Dutch fighter who had never been defeated by KO in his career.

Counted after 20 seconds

Daniel Ghita had a very good technique for the 27th of May game. He managed to send his opponent to the floor three times. Only 20 seconds into the game, Roche was already counted for the first time – after a left hook received from the Romanian. Before the first round ended, the Dutch veteran fell to the floor once again, after an incredible sequence of punches from the Romanian fighter. In the second round, Roche hopelessly looked for a saving hit against the Romanian fighter – in vain, though, as a raging Ghita sent him to the floor again. To protect his pupil, Wendell Roche’s coach threw the towel in the ring during the second round. It was more than obvious that the Dutch fighter had no chance before the Romanian adversary.

The 43rd victory

For the wel-known and appreciated Romanian fighter Daniel Ghita, the victory in Madrid was his 43rd one. He also has 33 victories by KO – out of the 50 games played in K-1. For Daniel Ghita, there is another game lined up for the 30th of June, when he will fight the Belgian Frederic Sinistra during the ‘It’s Showtime’gala in Brussels. Peter Aerts and Jerome Le Banner are two of the names that will be present in the ring.

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