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By Andreea Ion – Marketing & PR Manager

Good news travels fast! A prize for the best marketing in a live casino is followed by a conference about Marketing in Gambling, where we will meet and we’ll discover together the “secrets” of an activity “on the brink of extinction”-live casino. Thus, in autumn we enjoy beautiful events and special moments
The Autumn Festival from September 29th was such a key moment, where over 350 persons attended inside the Palace, as well as passers-by, of all ages, from Calea Victoriei. Those who were out for a walk, by bike, push scooter or other transport means, all enjoyed baked chestnuts, apple pie or pumpkin pie, in an original setting: straws, sun-flower and other autumn elements.
But the main attraction was Julia. A 100% Cuban lady, with a 100% Cuban talent. For 5 hours Julia created with craftsmanship and talent over 1000 cigars. A session of “rolling cigars”, appreciated by all. Both the clients, and the other participants, admiring her for her dedication in creating the cigars, for her wish to please everyone. Our partner, El Unico Shops offered us, by far, the most intense moment of the evening. A perfect evening may be perfect, but only if Palace Casino offers many prizes too. Both in cash, and in products from our partners.
The experience in a casino has taught us, and we now know that the most difficult moment for a client is when he loses. But it is even more difficult when he believes that he can win a sum, and then finds out it was only “misleading marketing”. Thus, we have chosen to never use in campaigns -”up to”. At Palace Casino all the gains are guaranteed sums. And fixed. If we choose them to be as Jackpot, then the client will always know what/how much/how. Even if it’s a segment or better said a niche, we have learnt from mistakes. The marketing of the campaigns from the last years was clear, with a simple message, oriented towards the client’s need to feel respected.

On Saturday evening, on September 29th, the guaranteed prizes – to which the live games players attended – were in a total amount of 120.000 lei. Congratulations to the winners, we know they trusted us and the selection mechanism. Another advantage we are capitalizing: we involve the people in all these mechanisms. One person is performing the extraction, another one will spin, another will extract again. Luck changes from one person to the other. There is nothing “automated”, “mechanized”. Everything is being performed in front of the clients. And let me tell you one thing: they love it! And we love it too! In all these years of experience there have been so rare the cases when our clients didn’t have trust, that our satisfaction as organizers is maximum.

Events keep happening this season at Palace, each time with our partners’ support, who have discovered, with our help, another world. Lots of thanks to those from Jidvei- who offered presents to our clients, and also organized a wine tasting – perfect together with a cigar from El Unico.
Grisogono is with us every day, by the products which the Palace customer can acquire using the fidelity points, as well as at special events.
Thanks to the other partners: Moxa Hotel Boutique, Cholley, Casino Life & Business Magazine.
You can discover all the beautiful moments on our official Facebook page, in an album dedicated to the Autumn Festival, as we all lived them. Twe expect you on Facebook : Palace Casino At Casa Vernescu, or Instagram : Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu. May all of you have a resultful autumn!

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