When betting is on, adrenalin is high and at home in the most dynamic and exquisite location in Bucharest, Casino Metropolis!

Inside the Novotel Hotel, Calea Victoriei 37, Bucharest, Casino Metropolis is looking forward to welcoming you with plenty of opportunities that will satisfy your gambling cravings.

Here, you will find your favorite games, as well as the latest, in an original setting in the well-known Metropolis style. Built to be an oasis of relaxation for the casino lovers, this location offers a unique combination of intimacy, comfort for the passionate players, including a top-notch restaurant with the finest cuisine and selection of alcoholic drinks. The first –class cocktails and excellent food make you wish to party all the time. Every Friday and Saturday, events start at 10 pm, where dancers will hit the floor to the best songs.

Casino Metropolis will give you unforgettable moments, in a relaxed space, of a superior quality, high-tech equipment and well-trained staff – in a word, the Metropolis standards.

Casino will propose an extensive range of fun games, easily to win: American Roulette, Blackjack, Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em, and also a Poker Club, with separate entrance (19 Ion Campineanu Str, behind the Novotel Hotel). The club has 6 gambling tables and a team of professionists who will follow and guide you through the entire game. So, if you are not expert, you will surely become one!

We are eager to have you over the new location of Casino Metropolis (Novotel Hotel). Here, together with our staff, croupiers and directors, sharing a great expertise in casino running that is recognized in the casinos worldwide, come and turn everything into a successful experience!

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