We received honors, honors which, actually, were meant for us because we deserved it, which compel us to become even better at what we do!

Our magazine was asked to be media partner at the First edition of the CEEGC conference dedicated to iGaming, which took place in Budapest!

Our magazine was invited to moderate the most important panel of the same conference in Budapest!

Our magazine was voted, elected and awarded as the best magazine in the region, at the iGaming category, all this, in Budapest!

We are probably the only magazine (in all journalistic genres) which was voted and awarded, ever, abroad!

What was expected happened…we are, for sure, the best!

But this award does not belong only to us!
It belongs, also, to all those involved in making the magazine, starting with the technical, IT department, editors and printing house, partners, clients and moreover, to our readers, which we would have never existed without!
It is our prize, all of us ,of all Romanians who have showed that we can be better than the rest of the world!!!


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