The PokerStars caravan will be for the second time in the capital of our country for a major festival between 31 July and 6 August

The spring and summer season in live poker tournaments in Romania reached its half. Grand 300 Bucharest, Israeli Poker Championship Bucharest and PokerFest Iasi are the three completed festivals, all of them remarkably having as champions three players from Iași: Cristian Murgoci, Tudor Purice and Marius Munteanu.

The partnership between PokerFest Romania and the Unibet Poker online room – which stands behind the 2017 series of festivals – continues with a PokerFest stage in Bucharest between May 17th and May 21st and also with the Israeli Poker Championship Golden Sands (Bulgaria) between June 8th and 12th.

Access to the main tournaments of the two festivals that follow is possible in advance, thanks to the online qualifiers campaign on Unibet Poker, with rising buyins’ satellite system, starting from 2 euros up, or even free. PokerFest Bucharest will revolve around a Main Event of 330 euros and the Main Event in IPC Golden Sands will cost 550 euros.

But the summer vacation will not go to Romania without poker.

On the contrary, the most anticipated event in the players community was announced: the first stage of the PokerStars Festival Bucharest. The PokerStars caravan will be for the second time in our countryîs capital for a major festival from July 31st to August 6. The first collaboration between PokerStars and PokerFest Romania ended successfully last May in Eureka Poker Tour Bucharest – a brand which later transformed into the PokerStars Festival.
The Main Event PC Bucharest (August 2nd to 6th) will cost 1100 euros and will have a guarantee of 500,000 euros. Other major tournaments of the series will be PokerStars Megastack (July 31 – August 2) with a buy-in of 170euros, PokerStars Bucharest Cup (4-6 August) with a buy-in of 330 euros and the PokerStars Festival High Roller (4-6 August) with a buy-in of 2200 euros.

CEO of PokerFest Romania, Sorin Constantinescu said about this major event:
“First of all, we welcome the launch of the two new brands of the PokerStars Live events – PokerStars Festivals and PokerStars Championships – and we are determined to engage with all our enthusiasm in consolidating their image and success in Romania. Secondly, we are honored with the return of the great live poker show in Bucharest, another sign for us that the festival, which we held together in May 2016, has come to the rigor and international standards imposed by PokerStars. These quality criteria are what brought us together as organizers, to the greatest extent. PokerFest will consider the tournament series in early August as another important mile stone in our relationship with the most active poker promoter in the world and we are, as always, sure we will be successful. “

Obviously, all three announced festivals have scheduled a whole series of tournaments: side-events and qualifying super-satellites for High-Roller and Main Event tournaments, but also non-stop cash games starting from the most affordable stakes.

In conclusion, the Romanian live poker scene continues to be very animated, growing and and praising itself with a program of events that make Romania an increasingly tempting destination for poker players from all over Europe. The previous international editions of the PokerFest festivals have had participants- at the same time at the tables- from at least 20 countries.


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