Speculators of odds and their fight

Let’s continue the incursion of Get’s Bet bookmakers. We will now show you a common phenomenon in the activity of all bookmakers. These are the so-called “hunters” of odds, who want to win on the basis of the inherent escape of those who endorse the odds.
As with any activity, and in the life of betting houses, mistakes may occur. Whom they are responsible, even without fault, the bookmakers! It’s the placement of odds, which may be inconsistent with reality. That is why we are waking up with the emergence of speculators who want to take advantage of the errors that have arisen. Only, to their detriment, the Rules of Operation of the betting house apply!
Thus, in the case of mistakes in the printing of lists, betting tickets or obvious mistakes arising from the incorrect insertion of data into the computer, the Organizer is entitled to accept the payment of bets according to the normal market shares (market average) or to give them a share of 1, 0 even if the mistake was noticed after the events or event parts were over.
Let’s give some examples! A team or player is abandoning before the start of the game and the result is to be approved at the green table in favor of the opponent and the information comes late; a bet is accepted after the start time of the bet, the hour being overtaken at the last minute, and the information comes with a delay; the outcome of an event is already known, but it has already been disputed, but has not been removed from the offer and the system accepts it; plus other situations similar to those presented! Eh, learn that in all these cases we are entitled to approve the events at 1.0! Regardless of the complaints made by these hunters of mistakes, our regulation is very clear in this respect, being endorsed by the authorities in the matter so that they will never be able to take advantage of absolutely human errors!

Similar situations can also be found in live bets. Fouls, cards, voids, corners that are not recorded in the system and from which they want to take advantage of the “hunters” are events that will eventually be directed and approved only with the return of the stake to those who are trying to take advantage. According to the Regulation!
Why have we made this statement? Just to understand that we too can be wrong, even if rarely, but then the errors go with the Regulation! Fortunately, such leaks have been recorded in fewer cases and we promise to try and eliminate them altogether! We do not know if we can, but we do our best! It is important that the bookmaker – client’s respect be one to each other, so our relationship will be as correct as possible.
We are at the end of the year! A good year, rewarding for Get’s Bet! We are doing this to all our competitors, but also to our customers: May 2019 be even more fruitful! Let’s hear only good things! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
The story of the most important bookmakers with 100% Romanian capital continues.