Everyone heard about bingo, as it is one of the most popular games nowadays. It is a perfect blend between fun and the chance to win some money or prizes.

Bingo is among the oldest games, coming from the 1500. A game called ‚Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia’ was born and French people adopted it and spread it quickly. It reached Europe in no time in the 1800 and USA in 1900. People were playing it at the fairs; they were given thick bingo cardboard cards they had to play. The numbered balls were placed in a cigar box, they were taken out invididually and when the numbers were called, the players were writing them down on their cards until they had a full row of numbers. They were using beans to cover the number, here is the name of ‚beano’ from.

The modern bingo version was standardized by Hugh J. Ward, who patented and devised the game rules in 1933. Bingo, or beano back then, was made known by Edwin Lowe, a toy manufacturer. The game was welcomed gladly and the entire USA started playing it. Legend says that the name of bingo comes from a beano player. Extremely excited for his win, he called out ‚Bingo!’ instead of ‚Beano!’.

Easy to play and catchy

Since its beginnings until today, the players have been captivated by the exciting profile of the game. One of the bingo benefits is how easy you can play it. You learn it in a few minutes and, unlike the other casino games, it is easy to follow. You will need a plenty of pens, many tickets and the blower with the numbers. The bingo game is somehow similar with the lotto – the drawn balls should be found on the player’s card. The goal is to match certain pre-printed combinations on the card. These combinations can be lines, drawings or simply the circling of all numbers on the card. The winner will be considered whoever makes first the respective combinations.

As for the American Bingo, each card is printed with a 5×5 grid that includes letters and numbers. The letters B-I-N-G-O are written on the top of the card and a series of numbers is placed underneath every letter. For the American bingo, the card has 75 numbers; the English and Australian have 90 numbers randomly printed on each card. The numbers are printed under the letters B-I-N-G-O. The numbers under B are between 1 and 15. The numbers in the I column ago from 16 to 30, N (including the free spaces) from 31 to 45 and O 61 to 75.
When a number is called out, the player will check to see whether there is on his card. If yes, he will check it. In case the card has the winning combination, then the card holder wins the pot. There are many bingo patterns and the most important three groups include standard, crazy and wild. To know the winning pattern is essential. The players who do not know the pattern can miss a win since they do not know where to look.

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