Lessons from the pros

Many Hollywood stars are crazy about the poker game and take part in tournaments whenever their very tight schedule allows them. To get through with it, they turn for help to a professional in this field, who trained them according to Coker. This is Anne Duke, the mentor of stars when it comes to the games of cards at its highest.

Annie Duke is a 46-year old American woman. She was born in a family where all members were passionate about card games. She got the gaming bug quickly. At one point, Anne had to play poker in rather modest rooms, even miserable, in order to pay for house mortgage. In 1994, being pushed by her brother, the professional player Howard Lederer, Anne tried her hand at WSOP in Las Vegas. During her first tournament, she placed the 13th and took her brother out of the competition. In a 10 year’s time, Annie became one of the best professional poker players in the world. In 2004, the American woman won her first WSOP bracelet at the Omaha Hi/Lo Split event. Besides being present in the professional tournaments, Annie is now a consultant in poker matters and a coach for the stars who are more than enthusiasts about this game where she excels. Let’s see who are the stars whom Anne is a teacher to.

For Ben Affleck it really worked

Protagonist in huge hit movies, like ‘Pearls Harbor’, ‘Armageddon’ or ‘Daredevil’and a winner of the most-wanted Oscar award for the ‘Good Will Hunting’along with Matt Damon, actor Ben Affleck took poker lessons from the professional player Anne Duke and from the Iranian player Amir Vahedi. The lessons from Annie paid off in 2004, when the star succeeded the performance to win the California State Poker Championship tournament in Los Angeles and 356,000 USD. Matt Damon was also a student of Anne’s. He is a constant presence at the great poker tournaments, even though his results are not top ones.

14,000 USD from Ashton Kutcher

Another famous actor who learned the ropes of the poker game from Annie Duke is Ashton Kutcher, ex-husband of Demi Moore, the American diva. He paid the professional player Annie the sum of $14,000 to show him how to rise to the occasion during the poker tournaments he is in. Hank Azaria has turned to Annie’s services, too. The professional poker helped him to drop his bad habit of playing the J-T (Jack-Ten), no matter what the situation was.

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