An American doctor, specialist in cosmetic surgery, suggests the use of botox, so that the poker players will be better camouflage their emotions and twitches during the games.

It is said that the face is the soul’s mirror, which best reflects the emotions that a person is going through.  And since these emotions are a backstabbing for a person, many would even sign a blood contract with the devil to be as emotionless as possible.  Or, at least, this is what Dr. Jack Berdy claims, a New York doctor, expert in plastic surgery, and recommends an exclusive treatment for the poker players – Pokertox.

Ideal for concealing the spasms

The American plastic surgeon is very well aware that the emotions on the faces of the poker players can sell them out during a game, which could cost them a lot.  In order to avoid this, Dr. Jack Berdy suggests Pokertox, a botox treatment that will help the players hide any facial involuntary expression that might betray them, from lifting eyebrows to the unintentional movement of the mouth corners.

Even though the surgeon promised that this treatment would allow them keep the same facial expression during the games – which will definitely make them invincible – they remain quite skeptical about Pokertox.


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