Alin Stoica

Alin Stoica, from caroling the neighbours to the biggest opera scenes

Whatever I chose to do, I would still find my way to the art world.

How did you become a tenor?
It all started with a carol. I always sang at celebrations and my teacher, Mrs. Rodica Nicula, encouraged me every time. When I was growing up, I was not absent from the carol of my neighbors and they told me that there is no Christmas without delighting them with my voice. So, my godmother insisted that I be listened to by a professional – Mrs. Cristina Măgureanu, who gave me the impetus I needed to choose music. I started as a baritone and even at the Conservatory I sang for a long time, although my master, Mr. Ionel Voineag, told me that my voice is special, like a tenor. But I decided to choose this path after an appendicitis operation, when the great Luciano Pavarotti passed away on TV. I thought it was a huge and irreplaceable loss, so I aspired to study, even in the last year of my degree I made the transition from baritone voice to tenor voice. It was a difficult year, but I also had incredible support from teachers.

alin stoica

If you weren’t a singer, what would you have liked to do?
To be honest, music defines me. And whatever else I chose to do, I would still find my way to the art world. I like football very much and I played for a while, I even had the chance to perform, but I wasn’t so convinced by this path. Before doing classical singing, I was in a special class for gifted students where I studied mathematics and computer science.

People compare you to Pavarotti. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage?
Pavarotti was the most charismatic tenor that ever existed, I am honored by this association. He brought the work to everyone’s attention. Although I am compared to Pavarotti, our voices are different, he being a lyrical tenor and I a lyrical-dramatic tenor. I’d say I’m closer to Placido Domingo as a voice. Of course we are talking about the titans of the opera. I don’t think it’s a disadvantage. I’m glad that people consider me a solar man just like Pavarotti was and from my point of view I think it’s a good thing for my image. Everyone knows Luciano Pavarotti, so may God make me just as well known and loved.

Alin Stoica, from caroling the neighbours to the biggest opera scenes

What is your favorite aria/opera?
This is a difficult question, it is like asking a parent who the child loves the most. Whether we are talking about a favorite role, aria or opera, the choice is not an easy one. I can tell you which arias are most often asked of me by the public – E lucevan le stelle from the opera Tosca by G. Puccini and Nessun Dorma from the opera Turandot by G. Puccini. But you should know that the opera Tosca satisfies me more in my soul because the success I have when I sing it is all that an artist wants.
I am in love with Ciprian Porumbescu’s arias from the operetta Let me sing! of Gherase Dendrino.

Can you tell us what is the happiest moment you have ever had on stage? But in everyday life?
Every moment on stage is the happiest for me. Whether it was a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti where I was applauded by over 20,000 people at the Arena di Verona, or it was the Palace Hall where I was applauded by over 4,000 people or the National Opera, each moment is unique for me. And the fact that I can fulfil my purpose on this earth, namely – to sing – for me there is no happier place than the stage. In everyday life, the happiest moment is easy to choose – the day I married the love of my life, Stephanie.

How can you define the world of opera?
The chance to live several lives in one.

Do you like to gamble? What are your hobbies?
I like to play on the playstation, my favorite game being FIFA. I generally like competitive games. As a hobby, I am passionate about series and movies, travel and interesting books.

Alin Stoica, from caroling the neighbours to the biggest opera scenes

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself singing on the famous stages in the world, I imagine that I will be a dad and I want to be just as happy.

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