The champions are born now…

Talking with Adrian Socaciu about the future of the sport for the young people during a special and exclusive interview.

Tell us about Student Sport. How did it start?
Student Sport started as a result of some discussion with Calin Ile, the manager of Ibis Hotel, and me, vice-president ANOSR. The talk started with various topics about student’s rights. At some point, Calin asked me: “why don’t you involve yourself in sports?”.
The next day I prepared a plan, I knocked at his door and I proposed him my project. Now I can say that, before being a partner, Calin is my friend. Next to him I started to grow the Student Sport project.

What does Student Sport mean for you?
Student Sport means an important part of my life. Most of my daily activities reside in implication with an entire team driven by the goal of growth and expansion of the project. I don’t feel like I’m working because I enjoy the visible process of gaining more color every day.

Which is the activity of this project?
The activity of this project is to develop sport competitions between Universities, involving the next sports: football, lawn tennis, basket-ball and cross. We settled two debates, as following:

“The universitary sport talks” – that confronted all the stakeholders in this domain: Ministries, Federations, student’s representatives, sportive Universities. The main idea was to set a deployment framework and the need of mass sports in the Universities.

“The champions are born now”- realized in collaboration with the National Audiovisual Council and The National Students Council. Here the debate was about the influence of mass media in sport education and the problem of medical exemptions (about half of the students have medical exemption at sports) and how we can solve this problem. It was also a discussion about the resignation or reduction of the marks ( the argument being that one of the best students, with less athletic competencies , take medical exemption to avoid the decline of the average mark).

Another project, “The Student’s Tribune”, hosted the games of The National Football, (at the Romania- Netherlands game were 1600 students, The DAVIS Cup, Romania – Denmark and Romania – Finland, were 150 students participated. The tennis player Horia Tecau declared that he decided to come back in the DAVIS Cup team for our country and the supporters. He played with Florin Mergea in the contest with Finland at Cluj Napoca.
“The Davis Cup has always been something special to me. I came back for Romania and for the fans and I want to tell them to be with us in the games at Cluj Napoca, to give us all their support and make the battledores of the Finnish shudder in their hands. We need them in the audience”, said Horia Tecau.
Behind the project “the Student’s Tribune” at the Davis Cup, was born Student Sport Cluj Napoca.
At handball: Romania- Germany at Baia Mare. 50 spectators were present. The next game is between Romania- Serbia in 19-21 april.
Besides the competitions, we realized the first research project of Universitary Sport in Romania.

Who can participate at the competitions?
The participants at the competitions are students, licensed, masterand, PhD, within private or state University. At present, we organize competitions in football, lawn tennis, cross. In the future we will develop competitions in handball, basketball, snooker, volleyball.

Which are the plans of Student Sport development?
The future plans are: to increase the number of the competitions, to involve as many Universities as possible, to realize a regulated competition season from October to June, to develop more branches Student Sport, to create sportive summer schools.

Who is Adrian Socaciu?
Adrian Socaciu is a 26 years old young man, graduate of The Faculty of Constructions Timisoara – civil engineering in German, masterand of “ Babes Bolay University” Cluj Napoca – The Faculty of European Studies – performance management in Italian. I’ve been a representative figure of students at a national level, vice-president of ANOSR, involved in the civil society.

How does a regular day of your life look like?
A day of my life starts at 7:00 in the morning. I never know when it ends because I rarely arrive back home before 23:00. Two weeks ago I bought a bike and since then I use it every day. In the morning, I read for half an hour and then I have lots of meetings and events. But the most important thing is that everything I do is done with pleasure and I don’t feel like hardworking.

What is your advice for the young man?
My first advice for the young man is that they should be confident, proactive, and to stop complaining as long as they don’t make anything to change the current situation. The solutions are in each one of us. All we have to do is to ask ourselves the right questions in order to evolve and get a better understanding of who we are.

How does sports look in your vision ten years from now?
The future of the sports depends very much of the decisions of the governors, the importance they give to sports. The chance of the romanian sport stays in action. Besides the Government, it depends of each of us. I personally think that we now are in the most convenient moment of sports development, this one is the zero point.

For the future, I see the next actions:
The awareness of the romanian population related to the importance of sports and motion, the realization of an assumed national strategy involving all the stakeholders, united by common objectives; actions involving mass sports, the improvement of the trainer’s skills, sportive psychologists, sportive marketing, sportive research and medicine.

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