Casino Life & Business Magazine edition 45, editorial

The autumn this year has had a beautiful start for our publication , Casino Life & Business Magazine’ and also for the gambling industry in Romania.
The month of September was extraordinary, filled with gaming events. One of the highlights was E-Arena, the fair attended by the most important gambling companies. The 2013 edition was a real masterstroke, as we have been told by most exhibitors and organizers of Entertainment Arena Expo. The ‘What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar was featured, a project supported by our publication. This event proved to be a success and everyone present was extremely delighted with our project, as you can read in the pages of this issue of ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’, the first gambling magazine in Romania.

Still in September, the National Gambling Office proved to have been an inspired initiative. The institution representatives have already started their supervision activities, which can only be beneficial for the best operating of the gambling sector in Romania. Similarly, the above-mentioned institution has dealt with poker, thus giving a green light to the clubs, which rose in number quickly. For example, there were three clubs inaugurated in Bucharest only, very much awaited by the poker lovers. It is about All In, No Name and PokerFest – you will find more details in the pages of this issue. Another gaming room was opened, VIP Slot, and opening of more poker clubs is pending in Sibiu.

In short, the autumn of 2013 had a nice start for everything what gambling industry means and we hope to continue in the same resonance.

To keep being informed about the latest in gambling, you only have to read our publication ,Casino Life & Business Magazine’, a periodical exclusively on gambling and gaming.

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