Loteria franceză The French lottery

The French lottery and sports betting operator Francaise des Jeus expects (FDJ) to be hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis. 

French lottery and betting operator, Francaise des Jeux, has warned of the potential financial impact Coronavirus may have on its business. 

The company is expecting to lose 120 million Euros in revenue and 50 million Euros in EBITDA this year for its sports betting business alone.

Like other European countries, France is in partial lockdown as part of efforts to halt the rapid spread of the deadly disease. 

The French lottery and sports betting – FDJ, whose lottery tickets are sold in bars and cafes, said the government’s decision to urge people to stay indoors will have a negative effect on its main lottery business.

Its sports betting business is also suffering due to sports event around the world being postponed or cancelled due to Coronavirus.

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