The gambling ladies answer several personal questions in an exclusive interview to Casino Life & Business Magazine.

This women’s month we have talked to several ladies who are on the payroll of the gambling institutions in our country. They were very graceful in answering the following questions.

1.What do you wish from this March, the women’s month? Or from the year of 2014?
2.How does a woman feel in a world that is seemingly reserved to men?
3.If not in gambling, where else would you see yourselves work?
4.How do you balance the personal and the professional lives?
5.If three wishes were granted to you, what would those be?

And here are the answers of:

Odeta Nestor, President, National Gambling Office

1.The year of 2013 was a great time for me, full of accomplishments. I cannot say that I was aware all the time how I was going to do business or what difficulties would encounter. But I have set some standards for and the fact that I believed in them with all my heart made me come close to reaching them, I had the things move without realizing the effort, either financial or personal or of other kind.
For 2014, I could write down a list of many pages of wishes, but that would be unrealistic expectations. And I am a realistic person. I do not believe in miracles, but in strong people. I really like to carry out the projects I have started, I want to confirm the fact that I deserve my appointment as a ONJN President and the trust placed in me.

2.The fact that I am a woman has not made me expect any special favors. I agree that you must work hard for your career if this is what you want for yourself.In professional terms, I have had the chance to meet wonderful people who taught me what competition is, the fair-play; they also showed me how to dare, to act and look towards future.

Anyhow, professionalism should hold the first position. Efficiency is not possible if applying criteria of gender, age, ethnic groups. Should a person is able to perform in a position, if she is well trained, the results will speak for themselves. As for my work, I am a perfectionist person, trying to do everything that depends on me as well as possible.

3.The gambling industry is an important chapter in my life, but not the only one. After so many years of passionate work, I cannot say to have thought of a change, of a professional reconversion.
My work today has been a natural step after 15 years spent in the tourism sector; the transition to what I am doing now was easy, considering that they two intersect. Looking back, I can say that I have gained inside knowledge in an extremely dynamic field, with complex activities that require a very careful management.
From my current position, I make use of the expertise I have in the private sector to correct, as much possible, things that have been half-done and to turn them into more efficient.

4.I do not have a miraculous recipe to balance everything. The quick pace that we live our life in does not at all facilitate the finding of the correct harmony. It is not easy to to do them all perfectly, mistakes happen when you pay more attention to one side over the other. What matters and makes the difference is the will to derive maximum from everything, to do things the best you can if that depends on you.

5.I have to admit that I do not have a ‚wish list’; if I had, it would be a long one!
The first thing that comes to my mind is my family. I wish to keep my family close and all be healthy. I want to see sincere smiles on the faces of my children and have reasons to be happy every day.
I wish to be able to keep going in my work that I love, to have the strength to finish all my projects, to meet extraordinary people, to have more understanding, to become a better me.

My wish is to keep myself above the water among all the unpredictable barriers that life puts in our way.
I wish the challenges match my energy!

Alexandra Sâmpetru, Marketing & PR Manager, Casino & Restaurant Vesuvius

1. The month of March is a month like all the others, it is a month when the goal stays the same….to reach the targets so that we have a win-win situation, both for me and for the employer. At a personal level, I think that being healthy is the real thing and, therefore I will be able to remain updated about the market needs.
2. It is quite challenging to work in the gambling world and this job teaches me new things and reveals surprises every day. I learn all the time and different information comes my way gradually. It is surprising how the psychology of a casino player differs from the one in people who have nothing to do with this field. As for the fact that this sector belongs to men in the first place…I will dare to contradict you – it only seems a men’s world but lately I have noticed that more and more women are interested in this branch. This state of things fascinates and encourages me and this is the reason why we have started organizing more events considering the ‘couple’ or even events that are strictly aiming the ladies and misses. See for that the February’s 7th ‘’Valentine’s Couple Poker tournament’ and the March’s 7th, ‘Lady’s Poker tournament’.
3. I can gladly say that as long as that line of work brings me professional satisfaction and constant opportunities of development, I will accept employment anywhere.
4. It is unfortunate that here, the balance has not been reached yet, as we all wish. I have to admit that, in order to be successful in one you have to let go of the other. And this happens with me, where my personal life places on the second position….for now 
5. I would rather not name them, because I would have to limit myself to only three. Even though my list is longer, I hope that I will be able to have them all granted, in time.

Alexandra Niță, Protocol & Marketing Assistant Manager, Metropolis Casino Bucharest

1.Since the spring is here, I think of new projects, new professional challenges for the year of 2014. I would love to see every month dedicated to women as I believe that every woman takes delight in receiving flowers and being in the limelight.

2.It is truly difficult for a woman to be involved in the gambling sector, but it is stimulating and challenging, which makes you wish to keep going. The number of the women in the Romanian gambling industry has increased, which really makes me glad.

3.This is a difficult question for me, as I have been working in this field for almost 6 years. I went for employment in a casino while I was in college. At first, I looked at it as a temporary job but all these years I have developed professionally and I love what I am doing right now. I can probably picture myself as an event planner.

4.To have your personal and professional lives go hand in hand is quite impossible in any field, so much in the gambling industry. My job here involves longer working hours until late at night, week-end and holidays that I spend at the Casino. I feel a fortunate person because I have full support from my family and a lot of understanding from my friends.

5.I would like to have the days longer than 24 hours  – so that I can spend more time with my folks, friends and to visit new places during glamorous trips…And last but not least, I wish to be healthy.

Carmen Joiţa, Marketing Specialist, C.N. Loteria Romana S.A.

1.What do I wish from March?…A lucky spring, full of gambling events that will rejuvenate this industry that has been declining in the last years. In fact, the year of 2014 lets itself known as a rich year in terms of events on the gambling market. The regulation of the online gambling, a higher interest of the Romanians for the ‚social gambling’ and ‚mobile gambling’, the world soccer championship that will have a visible effect on the sport betting, the ascent of the poker clubs, these aare only a few great challenges of the 2014 in gambling.

2.In recent years, the ladies have taken by storm the men’s world…and the stereotypes of this type have dissolved. I really think there are advantages in working with men – from them, I have learnt to be more pragmatic, calmer, to take quick decisions and assume risks. The rest is work, determination, passion and opportunities used for your own good. When you become a good professional, it does not really matter whether you are a woman or a man.

3.In the entertainment industry, an event planner is most likely something I see myself doing. I love this line of work that is in a close connection to the gambling industry. There is an element of ‘glamour’ associated with the idea of working in in the entertainment industry; the attraction of this sector is partially based on the chance to meet personalities, famous artist or sports people and enjoy the taste given by popularity, fun and wealth. Plus, the bonus coming from the success in this field can be enormous, both financially and professionally.

4.They are in a fragile balance. You need to be very careful and not to put your personal life at stake on your way to a successful career. There are times when you are not able to have full speed on both and this is when you have to slow down for a while.

5.Since I was not able to narrow them down to three, I chose only one that will automatically help many others: the financial independence. And to have a smile at the end of the interview, the 6/49 jackpot would be just perfect.
…and to your readers I wish them ‚Good luck!’


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