The whole world knows her generous shapes, which the grudgers claim to be fake – even though the blonde denies having had any surgeries. No matter what the truth is, one thing is sure – Coco Austin is bewitching her admirers with her body made for sin in a great erotic show in Las Vegas.

Coco Austin, the wife of rapper Ice-T, debuted last year in the Peepshow at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. ‚Oh, my lord! I am here, at last. Tonight, this is my first show. If you are in Las Vegas, come and see me in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood!’, tweeted the star to her fans before her December show.

Replacement for a ‚Playboy’ bunny

Coco Austin had an opportunity and took it. The sensual blonde was selected to play in the Peepshow after the protagonist had become pregnant. Coco replaced Holly Madison, a former ‚Playboy’ bunny. And she did a wonderful job. Her performance was very well welcomed by the public, who even paid $150 per ticket. At the end of the shows, Ice-T’s wife was given long applauses and received huge flower bouquets from the admirers. ‚I am happy that I can finally show what have been trying for so long – namely, the size does not matter when you got talent,’ said Coco, surely hinting at her more than generous shape, which she is no shy about to parade on the stage.

On the stage till spring

The blonde will play the Bo Peep part in the Las Vegas show until the month of March this year. Peepshow is the longest burlesque show created by Jerry Mitchell. It is the lengthiest live show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The premiere night was in 2009.

Beauty queen in Mexico

Coco Austin, by her real name Nicole Natalie, was born on March 17, 1979, in Tarzana, California. She is an actress, dancer and model. At 18, she won the Miss Ujena beauty pageant in Mexico. Three years later, in 2001, she worked for ‚Playboy’, doing their events and parties organized at the Playboy mansion. Later, the blonde made appearances in movies and TV shows, where the audience was thrilled to see her shapes.

She married on December 31, 2001, with actor-rapper Tracy ‚Ice-T’ Marrow. The ceremony was held in the Sin City – Las Vegas.


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