Negligence pays dearly

What happened in Vietnam recently is about to become a dangerous precedent in the live casinos.

After a tumultous court time, a player won the case over a casino. In 2009, the Vietnamese player made an incredible amount of money while playing the slot machines in a casino. And this ‚incident’ happened in spite of the fact that the maximum amount to win was of $46,000 only.

A faulty slot machine

An out-of-order slot machine generated the huge win – the casino put this reason forward and denied payment. The case was taken to the court and the judges gave the verdict three years later. A court in Ho Chi Minh City decreed that the casino pay the entire amount to the player. The panel of judges sided with the man who had claimed the $55 million prize. Their argument was that the owner of the location should have informed about the defects in the slot machine, which they never did. For its neglijence, the Vietnamese casino is demanded to make the payment.

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