Bine ați revenit Welcome back to work

Welcome back to work, in a New Year that starts well for the gambling industry in our country, most administrative areas being open.

Casino Life & Business Magazine greets you, as usual, at the office, in a prosperous year 2021 full of success, health, happiness, new goals and tons of inspiration.

We are excited to start the New Year 2021 with you and wish you welcome back, to show our gratitude for your trust and long-term support.

Here’s how we start the new year:
Casino Life & Business Magazine has expanded its reach and now a published news item reaches over 600,000 people in just a few seconds.

How do we do that?
Through the network created by us, over time, through modern approach systems supported both by social media channels and by the structure of our own communication channels.

The flagship, bilingual website, of our group’s media fleet has grown steadily and has over 25,000 unique visitors per month.
With a very good Google indexing and an exceptional SEO, the magazine’s website enjoys permanent appreciation from both readers and those who want links.

The Casino Casino Life & Business Magazine TV channel existent on Youtube

Starting from scratch, the magazine’s TV channel proved its efficiency and reached 420 permanent subscribers through various shows and dedicated to this niche market.
Saturday’s Interview, Club Casino, but also the tutorials about gambling, along with documentaries dedicated to geographical areas or cooking lessons as well as interviews with celebrities or pictorials were a well-defined amalgam that the public likes and attracts more and more subscribers.
The addition of the films of the Grand Awards Gala or the behind-the-scenes images of the various events also added charm to this media channel.
The quality of the shows and the topics covered made each post enjoy hundreds and thousands of views, culminating in episode 6 of the Club Casino series which went viral and in a week had over 52,000 views, a record hard to reach.

Facebook Profile of Casino Life & Business Magazine

Facebook, this symbol of social media is no stranger to us, and the profile of the magazine enjoys the existence of an impressive number of fans (14,488), but also followers (14,502).
Daily news and articles are posted here that have become references for the gambling industry.

LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

The 1,245 contacts on LinkedIn follow daily the news published in both English and Romanian, the Instagram profile is followed by 652 people and the magazine’s Twitter page automatically adds any article that is posted on the parent site.

Breaking News and NewsLetter systems

Both systems reach a fixed, well-established time, thousands of subscribers – Romanian or English speakers – in just a few seconds, being some of the best ways to communicate important news.

Traditional Casino Life & Business Magazine events

Although in difficult conditions, our magazine has not stopped supporting those in the industry and has quickly adapted to the status of online events.
And if at the beginning of the lockdown he created the Saturday Interview series, in the second half of the year he switched to major events such as conferences or the Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala, events watched by hundreds and thousands of followers.
The broadcast of the Grand Awards Gala is still kept online today by both Facebook and Youtube, although none of these media channels has been doing so for more than a few days.

Casino Life & Business Magazine printed magazine

Undoubtedly, the Queen of our group’s products kept both its super quality and the cadence of appearance in a year in which the printed media suffered a lot.
Reached its 14th year of existence, the magazine has matured and, after only a few appearances in online format, has returned to the traditional printed format, a format that has established it and allowed it to be so appreciated and awarded both in our country and abroad.

All this, together with our own groups or led by various partnerships, has made us have a size of over 600,000 people, a size that is constantly growing.

What will we do in 2021…

We will continue the series of events and online shows, but we will also prepare for the physical events.
We will continue to produce high quality events and services to cover developments in local and regional legislation, but to provide practical solutions to strategic, tactical and technical challenges and to shed light on new opportunities in the sector.
We have countless surprises ready and we can’t wait to share them with you, but we will do it gradually.

With a special profile audience gathered under the same roof, our products and services will provide the perfect opportunity for partners and participants to present themselves, in turn.
At the same time, through what we do we offer maximum visibility to a domestic and international audience through our marketing campaigns.

So, welcome back to work in a New Year that promises only good things!