Together for girls and women

The charity event “Together for girls and women” took place on March 9th, at Elisabeta Restaurant, in the form of a fashion show. It was organized by Miss International Romania, Ada-Maria Ileana, with the aim of raising funds for the Iele-Sânziene organization. Half of the donations went towards helping the refugees from Ukraine, through the Romanian Red Cross. Among the models, there were other representatives of Romania at international beauty pageants, such as Miss Universe and Miss Supranational. 12 Romanian designers, talented and appreciated in the fashion world, presented their latest collections: from day outfits to dresses and gala suits. Some of the pieces presented were auctioned off and there were other opportunities to donate.
The minimum donation at the entrance was 50RON.

Ada-Maria Ileana is Miss International Romania 2021/22 and will represent our country at the 60th edition of Miss International, in the fall of 2022, in Japan. Along with Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth, this pageant is one of the top four international beauty pageants. Ada is 24 years old, from Bucharest and she has a Master of Science in Public Policy, at the prestigious University College London. She has a degree in Security Studies (University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science) and is passionate about international relations and diplomacy. For the past 5 years, Ada has been working as a Cambridge-certified English teacher. Ada has previously represented Romania at two international beauty pageants: Miss Tourism World 2018 (China) and Miss Tourism International 2018 (Malaysia), where she won an international title.

Traian Badulescu is a tourism journalist with 26 years of experience, tourism consultant, communication and public relations specialist, as well as a tourism and science fiction literature writer. In 1998, he graduated from the Higher School of Journalism (SSJ), as Valedictorian, and in 2010 he graduated with a Master’s degree in Tourism Management and Marketing from the Faculty of Commerce of the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE). Between 1996 and 1998 he coordinated the first four-language guide of Bucharest (edited by Crystal Publishing), and between 1997 and 2002 he was Head of Department at the first tourism weekly in Romania, “Tourist Day”. Since 2002, he has been the spokesperson for the Atlantykron Academy, a summer school unique in Romania and worldwide, organized in Capidava. In 2003 he founded the magazine “ANAT Media”, of the National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) and is a spokesman for ANAT (2004-2010, 2020-). During 2007-2009 he held the position of president of the Tourism Press Club (FIJET Romania), an organization that aims to consolidate and develop the status of tourism journalist, then becoming vice president, responsible for public relations and communication. He has edited several magazines, published thousands of articles and interviews on tourism and, in 2011, he was the producer of the tourism show “Live Your Life”, broadcasted on Money Channel. He is the organizer or co-organizer of several events, such as the “Romanian Travel Forum” and “Incoming Romania Travel Forum” tourism conferences or the World / European amateur snooker championships (Bucharest, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2022). In 2016, he published the volume of SF stories “The Secret of the Hemisphere”.

The cause
Iele-Sânziene Association is a non-profit organization, active since the beginning of 2020. The association supports girls and women in Romania through menstrual and puberty education workshops, women’s solidarity projects and advocacy for long-term systemic change. To date, the Iele-Sânziene Association has supported over 360 adolescent girls through menstrual and puberty education workshops and distributed 300 kits with contraceptives and hygiene products that are friendly to the body and nature, in order to reduce menstrual poverty.

In January 2021, Iele-Sânziene published a petition calling on the authorities to implement a program to make menstrual products available free of charge in schools. The petition was signed by over 40,000 people and initiated talks with representatives of the ministries of health and education in order to implement a pilot project. Also, in 2021, Iele-Sânziene joined the “Together for Girls” initiative group, formed by Parliament Member Oana Țoiu, together with other NGOs in the field, to create a legislative proposal to support vulnerable people who cannot afford products of monthly menstrual hygiene.
In September 2021, the Iele-Sânziene Association launched Sânziene Magazine in print and digital format – the first educational and inclusive magazine in Romania, created by teenagers, for teenagers.
More about the Iele-Sânziene Association here:

Elisabeta Restaurant, built in an eclectic style, is an architectural monument dating from 1912, being one of the most significant buildings representing the architectural style of the time. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the city’s architecture began to take shape according to Western parameters, the Elisabeta Restaurant building being part of the configuration of buildings up to European standards, monuments bordering Elisabeta Boulevard on either side.
Built by the architect Rudolf Quich on the land of the Viennese baron Jules de Waldberg, it has architecturally instilled the eclectic style of Western art through all the design elements of modernism, art deco and classicism. Over time, the building has been home to several important state institutions, such as the Austro-Hungarian Club and the Small Senate of Romania.
The Regina Elisabeta Hall is characterized by the refinement and elegance of the salons specific to the interwar period. The restaurant, with a capacity of 120 people in a sitting system and an area of ​​207 m2, aims to evoke as much as possible the imprint of Her Highness Queen Elizabeth, wanting “elegant” to be the word that defines it.


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Dragoș Bistriceanu is a journalist and graduate of the Faculty of Political Science. He has been presenting news journals and talk shows for more than 2 years. He got into television by accident and fell in love with this field.
Above all, he believes that it is very important to be serious and involved in what you do professionally, and this has been the direction he has taken over the years. There is no recipe for success, just a lot of work, passion and a little luck.

Fashion presentation
Among the 12 designers present there were important names from the Romanian fashion industry.
Aryanna Karen is a brand of wedding dresses founded in Romania, in 2014. With over 14 years of experience in the field, the designer Ana Maria Lungu is behind all the Aryanna Karen wedding dresses, putting soul and mastery in the design of each dress. Aryanna Karen dresses are addressed to brides who dream of a dress from the pages of a storybook, with impressive volume and handmade applications.
SABINNE is a brand founded in 2015, a European registered trademark, meant to offer creative, sustainable, attitude-oriented clothing. The avant-garde elements, the continuous research of shapes and patterns, and the inclusion of traditional tailoring techniques define the SABINNE brand. The AERIA collection is composed of fresh colors, wide cuts, with interesting textile structures, volumes and three-dimensional shapes. Sustainability is key. The remains of materials were used to create accessories with an aesthetic and practical role, or in experiments on various techniques of draping or handling materials. Knitted and crocheted pieces are included to encourage these crafts and give artisans a chance to be promoted and presented in fashion projects.
Muna is a Romanian brand dedicated to women everywhere, with an aesthetic that changes and reinvents itself along with them. A Muna outfit will make you look the way you feel. Bohemian, romantic, fragile, dreamy, fearless, curious, cheerful, warm. Because that’s how we are, like the sea, like the sky and as the weather. We feel and live with passion and intensity.
Dom Perri is a luxury Italian brand that produces dresses, shoes, accessories and bags for both women and men; but also bespoke suits – timeless, elegant and practical outfits suitable for any event.
Oh Kimono – the contemporary brand that offers you the experience of a new culture from the comfort of home or, on the contrary, from the middle of the urban noise. It attracts with its effervescence and vivacity. It urges you to naturalness, sincerity and is able to facilitate the enhancement of your individuality.
CarmeR – with over 25 years of experience in the field, ready to turn your dreams and design ideas into reality. From simple retouches to evening dresses that will be guaranteed to catch all eyes and put you in the center of attention, from simple summer skirts to wedding dresses that will bring you the shine on the most important day, all are tailored to your personality and made with skill, attention to detail and a touch of love.
Beatrice Lianda Dinu is a professional with 30 years of experience in fashion, a fashion designer, set designer and journalist. Known both in Romania and in Italy, Beatrice tells stories with children, juniors and artists, completing her work for children and orphans. Because her motto is to create beautiful stories, Beatrice maintains a high standard in clothing design, being at the same time an innovative fashion designer through her avant-garde creations dedicated to theater and showbiz.
Red Fashion Factory is a clothing design workshop that ensures that all customers have the dream dress for the events they attend.
Adelaida Design – evening dresses
Ana-Maria Vintilescu – children’s clothes
Laura Caraman – Mugen Spiralis Timp collection creates a connection between Romania and Japan, an attraction but also a rejection, a world of contrasts and complexity, starting from the traditional costume to everyday clothes with traditional influences.
Eve’s Boutique, a 100% Romanian shop, was born out of a passion for the beautiful, unique and spectacular and out of a desire to celebrate the woman and give her self-confidence. All collections are made to the highest quality standards in their own state-of-the-art atelier. Eve’s Boutique celebrates the self-confident woman who dreams of breaking down barriers and who wants to discover her best side. The chosen aesthetic is focused on sumptuousness, luxury, glamor.

Among the professional models there were also representatives of Romania at Miss pageants:
Carmina Olimpia Cotfas – Miss Universe Romania 2021
Andra Tache – Miss Supranational Romania 2022
Denisa Malacu – Miss Intercontinental Romania 2022
Daniela Ștefan – Miss Globe Romania 2021

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