For Rombet association, promoting responsible gambling principles is an important goal as well as the unity and transparency of the industry. In recent years we have been constantly involved in projects dedicated to this topic, we were close to our members who, in their turn, put increasingly more emphasis on activities of Responsible Gambling.
Moreover, our representatives were present at the most important events of gaming organized at European level (ICE, VIGE, WrB Eastern Europe), either as speakers or as participants in workshops in which the importance of Responsible Gambling activities was one of the main issues of debate.

This time, we return home, at the gambling market in Romania, and we want to bring to the attention of our readers, the main points that any organization should be aware of when it comes to protecting players and the players with problems, because, finally, any change starts from within.
“Ideally, all who work in this field, must recognize the importance of programs dedicated to social responsible gambling …
Responsible gambling is primarily a matter of prevention and until then a matter of intervention. We constantly advise our members: get informed, train the staff, help players who tend to exceed a game as fun, provide support where necessary.

The concern for players is a duty, a sign of wisdom for those who look to the future, to build a solid business in the long run.
At the same time, only together we can help change the negative perception of the industry, which unfortunately, reigns in Romania, “said the President of Rombet, Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiță.

Even if there is no agreement between psychologists on the causes of a person to reach the stage to play in a compulsive way, everyone agrees on the fact that the basis of prevention lies in the information and educating players, information that each organizer can offer to participants in the game. When entering for the first time in a location where gambling takes place or they visit a website dedicated to these activities, each player must know the three golden rules of Responsible Gambling:
Gambling is for fun, not a source of income! Gambling is exactly as its name, “games”, not financial investment. Their role is strictly that of entertainment, relaxation and judgments such as
“I continue to bet, to recover money lost” are major steps towards pathological game.
”Set a budget and do not exceed it” is the expert advice from the Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario. In the euphoria of the moment, a player may lose sight of the amount he can afford to spend. If from the beginning he enters the game with a limited amount of money, there are real chances to stop in time.

Knowing this, there are already industry gaming machines offering even the possibility to record this self-imposed limit and draw attention when it is close to being exceeded.
Gambling does not solve problems in personal life. Psychologists advise us to avoid to play when going through family crisis, when we are angry or depressed.
However tempting the gambling world may seem, it is not a refuge from the issues of a personal nature.
By following these guidelines, in most cases, the risk to step over the threshold of addiction is considerably reduced. But sometimes players do not follow advice and it is very important that staff from game rooms pay attention to certain signs. Thus, if one plays more than he can afford, if it then loans to cover the debts created, if he spends a worrying amount of time in gambling locations, each of these situations should be warning signs that something is not right.

“The responsibility is a sign of maturity, and this is valid not only for individuals but also for industries. If we want our industry to be solid and mature, then it must adopt a responsible attitude and commitment to the problems that some of our players may face. Until the establishment of the Foundation – which we hope will not get delayed – we will continue to get involved in Responsible Gambling projects, which we consider essential for the smooth running of the activities in our country and abroad, “ concluded Rombet President, Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiță.


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