Luck galore at the casino

The week of August when a woman was celebrating her birthday, she won three prizes in four days only at the Enjoy Casino in Santiago, Chile.

Alejandra Cespedes can truly say that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She just had the luck smile down on her at Enjoy Casino in Santiago, Chile. First, she won a Mini Cooper car during the ‚Mini Para Todos’ promotion show. The next day, she made USD200,000 and the third day she got the tickets for a trip to Punta del Este.

The lucky scarf

On July 31, Alejandra said that she had put on a scarf that her best friend had given to her and headed to the Casino. ‚The truth is that I did not quite like how the scarf color matched my hair’s, but I thought that it would bring me some luck. And luck it was. I did not take it off those days and I have had fabulous winnings since the beginning of August’, said the woman.

We should mention that the car promotion show host had to repeat the drawing six more times, as no one called was in the room. Alejandra, present on the set, was the seventh name out of the bowl.

Single mother of two

Alejandra Cespedes, 43, is a single mother. She has two children and works at a technical support center in Los Andes. She loves playing poker leisurely. This is exactly what she did at Enjoy. ‚I sat down at the table, my lucky scarf on, played and won 200,000 dollars,’ she said.

The next evening, the woman attended a party thrown by the Casino, where a drawing for a ‚vacation for two’ in Punta del Este, Uruguay, took place. She won the tickets. The first name on the list was not there – Alejandra was second. ‚I have neve been to Uruguay. But I am going there now with my son. As for the car I will exchange it with a truck for my brother. My motto is: when you win something in life, you should be generous to the people around you so to have more good things happen,’ concluded Alejandra Cespedes.

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