Practica jocurilor de noroc

Practice gambling bonuses

Series of articles from “The Practice of Gambling” by Anchidim Zagrean, Rombet Vice-President

Special regulations on gambling activities allow traditional or remote gambling organizers to grant players, in their own funds, bonuses in any form but only under the conditions and limits set out in the Gaming Regulations approved by the Supervision Committee of the ONJN.
Through the gambling activity, it follows that bonuses can be awarded:
In the form of participation fee to the game;
In the form of prizes or winnings.
Regardless of the form under which the bonuses are awarded, the entire gaming mechanism, namely the collected tax, the awarded prizes and the income achieved, must be separately scrutinized by the specific gambling documents.
In the practice of gambling, the bonus must meet cumulatively the following conditions:
To represent for the player an additional benefit gained from the game stakes;
Not to be charged with the player’s participation fees or additional costs;
All bonuses must be provided in the organizer’s rules of play;
To refer to a certain period or to certain events.
Promotion of participants’ bonuses is only allowed:
In their own locations or on their own websites or affiliates;
By sending electronic messages to players with active accounts from their own data base, if they have previously agreed to receive them.
In the case of bonuses granted by remote gambling organizers for the purposes of participating in the game, they will only be transferred to the gaming account and their withdrawal is not allowed. These bonuses will be distinctly highlighted in relation to the player’s other playable funds available for withdrawal at any time.
Also, these bonuses are clearly distinguishable in the accounts of the remote gambling operator and are assimilated to the gaming participation fee as they are used. Bonuses that are not used in the game are displayed separately according to their destination or may be withdrawn by the organizers in accordance with the terms and conditions or the regulations under which they are granted.
A gambling organizer is required to:
Not to provide credit to a player’s account or player’s account and not to allow free gambling under conditions other than those provided for in the legal rules for bonuses;
Not to credit gamblers and to ensure bonus distribution to players under the conditions set out in the approved regulations;
Comply with the game regulations approved by the Supervisory Committee, as well as the provisions regarding the offering, transfer and highlighting of the bonuses.
The accounting evidence of bonuses must ensure that the content and the economic reality of operations are reflected in their succession by entering in the expense account (provided by own funds), in the participation fee and then, if applicable, in the prizes or winnings granted.
From a fiscal point of view, bonuses are an advertising activity designed to increase revenue, and is therefore a deductible tax deductible tax when calculating corporate income tax.
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