The new trend in crypto: the purchase of cryptocurrencies by the firms and their use as payment methods

Talking to Marius Morra, CEO and Co-founder of TOKERO and one of the most active ambassadors of the crypto industry in Romania

Marius Morra has been active in the crypto industry since 2015 and in March 2018, together with Sabin Simionescu, he launched the cryptocurrency exchange platform TOKERO, which after transactions of over 140 million euro was valued at 15 million euro. During all this time, Marius Morra has gained a rich experience from which we can extract industry trends, especially on today’s topic.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular and accepted as a form of investment. While they were initially seen as reserved exclusively for individual investors, today there are a growing number of firms buying cryptocurrencies as part of their investment and portfolio diversification strategies.

There are many reasons why a business might want to buy cryptocurrencies, either to use them as a payment method or because they represent an attractive form of investment given the increased volatility and the possibility of significant long-term returns. The risks are high, but the rewards can be commensurate.

The types of companies that buy cryptocurrencies vary depending on the sector in which they operate. In general, technology and fintech firms are the most willing to invest in cryptocurrencies because they are already familiar with blockchain technology and how cryptocurrencies work.

In addition, some investment firms, such as those that offer asset management services, may specialize in buying and selling cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms, taking advantage of market volatility to achieve significant returns for their clients.

Another category of companies that buy cryptocurrencies are those that operate in the field of online commerce. In this case, cryptocurrencies can be used to facilitate transactions as well as an alternative payment method offered to attract different types of customers.

Another important benefit of purchasing cryptocurrencies for a business is the ability to use them for international transactions and payments. Cryptocurrencies can be transferred quickly and at low cost, without the need to use traditional intermediaries such as banks or payment platforms.

The above is not a rule, we have on the platform clients of legal entities an extremely varied range of companies, from companies in the industry, to service providers, travel agencies, advertising, currency exchange houses, doctors’ offices and developers real estate.

The size of companies that acquire cryptocurrencies is also varied, from companies with a few employees to large companies, market leaders in the fields in which they operate.

The value of a company’s investment “basket” starts from a few thousand euro and can reach 1-2 million euro annually.

Another direction of development is the collection of payments in crypto for various types of businesses, including gambling platforms, some even exclusively using cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

In order to collect, buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the firm, an account on a platform is needed, so Marius Morra tells us how this is done:

“To register an account on our platform (TOKERO) you need the following documents:
● Color scan/photo of the company’s Registration Certificate;
● Color scan/photo of the Constitutive Act;
● Color scan/photo of a bank statement of the account that will be used for fiat (euro) deposits and/or withdrawals.

The main differentiators of the TOKERO platform are the less bureaucratic process and the type required to open an account, 2-3 hours compared to several months on foreign platforms.

We also offer a dedicated account officer and legal and tax consultancy so that accountants can feel as comfortable as possible with the entrepreneurs’ decision to purchase cryptocurrencies for the firm, our mission being to make this process as easy and as easy as possible.”

About TOKERO, the company currently valued at 15 million euro, through which more than 140 million euro have been traded to date:

In 2019, the company created an alternative to cryptocurrency ATMs: Crypto Spots – locations where the public could instantly buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum, through classic currency exchange houses, using euro or lei cash.

In June 2020, TOKERO was the first Exchange in Romania to list Elrond (EGLD), the current MultiversX, the Romanian project with a constant global presence in the top 50.

In October 2020, TOKERO became the first Exchange in Romania to create an educational platform –, recently launched internationally:

In May 2021, TOKERO managed to attract the first round of investments from successful entrepreneurs, such as Cristian Onețiu (entrepreneur, business mentor and co-founder of Life Care), Răzvan Munteanu (Head of Strategy and Avi Cicirean (Founder of Brand Minds). On this occasion, through a rebranding campaign, LDV Exchange became TOKERO Crypto Exchange.

In September 2021 TOKERO, together with the partners from Crypto Compare, managed to bring Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, to Romania.

In September 2021, TOKERO launched a new line of business, by listing some projects on the platform in a launchpad regime, and obtained, in pre-sale campaigns, over 2 million USDT for 5 projects: HUMANS.AI, WAM , BH Network, AtlasNavi and Sense4FIT.

In November 2022, in Paris, it launched TOKERO France ( launching the internationalization process.

The co-founders of TOKERO are the entrepreneurs Marius Morra and Sabin Simionescu, both already recognized as important ambassadors of the crypto and blockc

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