Stars in Local Kombat will be also watched in USA
Cătălin Moroşanu, Sandu Lungu, brothers Stoica and Raul Cătinaş will be now watched on the TV in USA after one of the large TV channels in USA had made an offer for the Superkombat events, promoted worldwide by Romanian Eduard Irimia.

Romania can now take pride in having the only product at a global level. The Superkombat Galas are broadcast live in 75 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and very soon in America. ‚All I can say is that negotiations have got quite far. They are the ones to look for us and made us a real offer. I am very happy that a Romanian product, i.e. Superkombat, is now being displayed globally in terms of television. We are already on four continents and the North America will be the fifth. The six galas that we organized are broadcast live in over 70 countries. From this perspective, we are product number 1 in the world for K-1’, said Eduard Irimia.

Advertising for Romania

Due to a clause of confidentiality effective until the agreement signing, the promoter would not disclose the name of the company, but mentioned a few important details. ‘It is a company specialized in contact sports and covers tens of millions of houses in USA, plus millions of mobile telephone platforms. It cooperates with the best known television channels in the States, and this can only help us advertise for our country at a global level, explained the Romanian promoter. Irimia proved himself willing to promote the country brand of Romania, provided that the events he organizes will be watched on five continents in the near future.

‘We have never turned to the country’s image in order to avoid the conflict of interests like Bute’s gala – should a specialized company contacts us, then we are ready to negotiate. I am proud of being Romanian and I would really enjoy to see our country being promoted in all four world corners,’ added the President of Superkombat circuit.

Every gala with 15 million watchers
The Superkombat events, turned into Local Kombat a year and a half ago, are watched by an average number of over 15 millions – in Europe only – and are broadcast live in over 350 million houses on four continents: Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Thanks to the approach, with the sportsmen being promoted in the main stream – see Catalin Morosanu – the Romanian fighters in Local Kombat and Superkombat have also become extremely popular on Youtube. The matches of Alexandru Lungu and Catalin Morosanu have surpassed the number of visits for the fights of Daniel Ghita or Lucian Bute. For example, the duel between Lungu and Bob Sapp from last year in Piatra Neamt has had over two million hits on the site above.

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