Tehnici de liniște si sănătate interioară Techniques of peace and inner health

Techniques of peace and inner health, during the fear of Coronavirus, since the messages transmitted by an authority to the common man are mesmerizing, because they come from an entity superior to a lower one.

The messages transmitted by an authority to the common man are mesmerizing, because they come from a higher entity to a lower one; whether they come from the doctor, judge, police, media headlines or a governor – they all produce a long-lasting effect in the mind and heart of the listener: “Urgent, Serious, Incurable, Inoperable, Aggressive, Invasive, Metastatic, Mortal, Disease, Virus ”and many others lead to a memory with negative influence in future human actions.

In the opinion of the psychologist Alexandru Plesea, known to the public opinion as the Coach of the Mind, these words will be imprinted in the memory and as a result the human reactions and answers will come from fear, and not from courage.

“However, man has the power to control his functions: he can see his finger now sliding on the phone, his eyes moving his direction, his voice speaking, his heart beating and his emotion / feeling towards what he reads. If these functions can be observed and controlled, then the fear diminishes and begins to disappear directly in proportion to self-control. It is verified”, explains the psychologist Alexandru Plesea.

In order to help the fear to disappear and to install slowly and well the arrangement of the inner peace, the specialist recommends a series of 10 exercises as techniques of peace and inner health:

1. Maximum 15 minutes of TV / Radio / Internet with daily news – exactly what interests us
2. In discussions with loved ones, the topic of which we are both afraid will be avoided
3. We pay attention to what we want, not what comes / appears
4. The thought of disease causes disease. Thinking is a force, it must be productive, not destructive
5. Relaxation exercises when you get to bed – every muscle, nerve and bone, you gradually relax by mental decision.
6. Self-suggestion on expiration and inspiration to clean the lungs and blood
7. The immune system is helped by controlling movements, emotions and thoughts. Where there is no focus on them, the disease and drama settle.
8. We stop the virality of the number of dead, viruses, sick. We seek the virality of our values ​​and intentions.
9. We help ourselves now, not to be in the imagination. Imagination is the way to sickness, the present to health.
10. We produce beautiful moments for others: surprises, gifts, compliments, love messages, etc.

Alexandru Plesea is a sociologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and trainer in neuro-linguistic programming.

He has studied the nature of the human mind in three different educational systems – the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Romania and for over 10 years has been organizing courses and trainings in Romania, in order to make people know what possibilities they have when they use their intellectual resources and to show the abilities that our mind still has latent.


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