Super Jackpot

Super Jackpot – The most modern, elegant and ultra-central games hall in Oradea has opened in Unirii Square

At the entrance to the Black Eagle Passage from Unirii Square, it opened on August 2, in the morning, the most modern and elegant games hall in Oradea, run by two people from Oradea, among which one is a true “legend” of Romanian casinos, initiator along eighties casinos in the country and abroad, also known in Las Vegas casinos.
Spread over 340 square meters, Super Jackpot wants a place that offers a pleasant atmosphere and entertainment for both Oradea residents and tourists in Oradea.

Elegance and pleasure

The new Super Jackpot hall operates in an emblematic building of Oradea, the owners, Călin Florea and Adrian Moisa, who also own theaters in Timișoara, had the desire from the very beginning to make its atmosphere elegant.

“Even if in Romania this field is not always honestly judged, the elegance of a casino live cannot be challenged by anyone. We wanted to set up a games room in one ambiance that tends towards that of “live casinos””, says Călin Florea, engineer and professor of mathematics, with over 20 years of experience in this field.
The man from Oradea is, in fact, himself an enthusiast and a regular of casinos, including in Las Vegas, until it was banned in a few. “In blackjack I happened to win more constantly more than the managers expected”, he remembers, smiling, about the “performance” achieved in the city with the most casinos in the world.

“All spaces where casinos or gaming halls operate must have an elegant and pleasant atmosphere, because in civilized countries this entertainment is not specific only to young people, but also accessed by less young people, including retired persons and women”, says Călin Florea.

The new Super Jackpot room has a non-stop program, with 35 devices, of course brand new, with a mix of 35-40 games produced by Novomatic, IGT, EGT or CT Gaming.
They are arranged both on the ground floor, on an area of 120 square meters, and upstairs, on 220 square meters. “Upstairs, we intend to open a poker room as soon as possible even a live casino, especially if the legislation will be more encouraging. Gambling was always in the human nature, even if in Romania sometimes this is not understood.
Even so, in this area is the highest rate of revenue collection at the state budget, of over 99%”, says Călin Florea.

Also soon, Super Jackpot will have a daily happy-hour schedule, with a time slot in which, guaranteed, there will be a Jackpot.
These, as well as the pleasant ambiance and comfort provided to the players, are advantages that Super Jackpot invites both citizens of Oradea and tourists to step in its doorstep. “You can enter with 50 or 100 lei, you can win or you can lose, but we designed this room to make everyone feel good”, emphasizes Călin Florea.

Good luck to everyone!

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