With an impressive presence and state-of-the-art technologies, S-line has recorded a major success at the Entertainment Arena Expo at the beginning of September this year. Visitors around the world have confirmed the quality, interactivity and innovative features they offer, proving to be one of the greatest attractions.
The appreciations, both nationally and internationally, have given confidence that the game can reach a mind-boggling level of entertainment.
Choosing S-line for installation in any gaming and casino halls in Romania is now available for the operators. EGT has launched a unique promotion, with exceptional rental discounts.
Offering the latest technology, S-line is a permissive and flexible range. The products can be connected to any manufacturer’s live roulette centers and can be set in various variants, providing operators with the perfect configuration, adapted to gaming hall and casino requirements.
Following the desire to constantly develop highly technologically advanced and highly attractive end-user software systems, EGT now offers a new jackpot system: Jackpot Cards. Distinct by its features, Jackpot Cards has been created for all types of multiplayer games and slots. With a significantly improved betting system and the ability to be globally connected, integrating a specially developed roulette algorithm, the jackpot system is original and incomparable in the gaming market in Romania. It can connect an unlimited number of locations nationwide and internationally via the server.
In addition to the 4-level Jackpot Cards, with which players are able to win four different levels of jackpot mystery, EGT also introduces the Diamond Number jackpot system, only for the roulette, with 2 levels (Diamond and Sapphire) Diamond Number slot system to the market. Both maintain the passion and interest of roulette enthusiasts.
S32, S32/32, S32/32/32 are the three S-line products that many of the top operators in Romania have already chosen:
• The S32 features a 32” full HD screen,
• The S32/32 features 2 32” full HD screens,
• 3 full HD screens of 32”, one with touch screen, one for information display and one on the top for jackpot visualization form the S32/32/32 model.

The fully gaming experience is given by a series of emerging features: Surround sound system that creates an incomparable ambience, the LED lights around the terminal that complements player’s entertainment, real-time video streaming on HD screens, as well as full HD touch screen displays designed for playing, information and jackpot viewing – all combined into a unique, ergonomic design with distinct elegance.
Now, the aficionados can combine roulette games with those of a slot machine: a real entertainment for the players, a real benefit for the operators. The S-line brings together the most innovative solutions, both as a roulette terminal and independently, with the features of a slot machine.
Irresistible for the passionate are the multi-game solutions presented on the new S-line terminals: King Collection 1, King Collection 2 and King Collection R.
The Monitoring and Control System (MCS) ensures a correct and accurate TCP/IP-based communication process, with the latest safety standards in data encryption with SSL Certificate. It also offers web application and servers at the highest standards.
The strong S-line debut at EAE 2018 generated successful choices of operators in developing its own business. Now, in Romania, S-line products can be rented at promotional prices. An unrivalled opportunity for the operators.
Visit www.egt-bg.ro for full details about the revolutionary S-line and active offer.

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