The summer event at Pokerfest Club ended for Gabriel Chiva in triumph!

PokerFest did its best at the Festival

Zhe Festival, which took place between 16th and 22nd of the month, had the same successful format, as all players know it: super-satellites, side events and a Main Event with an €550 buy-in, a classical amount for the main competitions.
The Festival went very well, thanks to the clock precision of the PokerFest team, whose expertise in organizing large festivals enabled it to have no difficulty in managing a hall where a considerable number of people was playing poker.
After qualifications and at the end of the registration period, the Main Event was able to collect a pool of prizes of €41,750, split among the 10 players who finished in the money. The success was even fruitier since the Festival time (to read a beautiful weather) coincided with the World Soccer Championship.

The final table gathered around a series of players well-known in the live tournaments, a fact that confirms again that poker means skill, patience and motivation, besides luck: two PokerFest champions (Gabriel Chiva and Lucian Mantu), a multiple finalist and winner of many PokerFest tournaments (Zeng Zhipping) and other regulars. Now, the tournament felt much harsher, since the number of the newcomers not reaching the final spots was considerable. Here is the SummerFest list of final players, as ranked in this tournament:
1. Gabriel Chiva
2. Andrei Ciuca
3. Cornelui Cretu
4. Adrian Olarasu
5. Mircea Flutur
6. Laurentiu Topala
7. Zeng Zhiping
8. Lucian Mantu
9. Catalin Moraru
10. Dan Chisu

It is worth mentioning the fulminatory ascent of Dan Chisu, director and art entrepreneur, close up to the bubble of the final table. The result itself does not say much unless we take a look in the past: Dan Chisu has been a regular name of the first positions in PokerFest rankings, starting with last fall when the live poker became legit in the Romanian clubs. Here is another proof that talent does not have any borders and the adaptability, diligence and a sharp observation go hand in hand with the art sector and poker.

But the most striking SummerFest performance by far belongs to the winner, Gabriel Chiva. A non-professional player last year, a programmer and manager of an IT company, hence an intelligent and motivated person, Gabriel managed to win the PokerFest festival in November 2013 during one of his first entries in the poker tournaments. Since then, his passion for this game has gained ground and, thus, PokerFest Club has become his favorite spot for relaxation. As an IT entrepreneur, Gabriel Chiva comes here for entertainment. But this time, his hobby has brought him more than enjoyment – the SummerFest Cup and the first place with €10,950.

The next PokerFest festival cannot be missed: it will have the largest guaranteed sum of money in a Romanian poker event – 200,000 euros! It is about Israel Poker Tour Summer Edition, which will take between 28th of July and 4th of August. This is not the first money barrier to break for PokerFest. As business is not all predictable, the initiative to guarantee a record amount proves once more that PokerFest knows how to ‘gamble’ and this is the strongest motivation for any player to get in. At the same buy-in of €550, IPT Summer Edition can bring the winner a high-roller bankroll, if not bigger.


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