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Casino Life & Business Magazine is traditional media partner of Entertainment Arena Expo since the first edition.

Now, Entertainment Arena Expo is in the top of exhibitions of Europe, being the leader of exhibitions of Eastern Europe, this thing being confirmed by the total exposure area.

Hello Mr. Anton Vlad. Thank you for your time. During 3rd – 5th September 2019, at Bucharest at Romexpo, together with your colleagues from Expo 24, you organize the 13th edition of Entertainment Arena Expo.

➤ How did the exhibition from the first edition and until now evolve?
EAE had an ascendant evolution beginning with the first edition performed in 2007, with fluctuant periods influenced by the economic crisis which was felt during the event, especially in 2012. Now, Entertainment Arena Expo is in the top of exhibitions from Europe, being the leader of exhibitions from Eastern Europe, this thing being confirmed by the total exhibition area.

➤ What expectations do you have from this edition?
From the first estimations, there is a development of stands and exhibited products quality, this thing generating an ascending image of the event of Romania.

➤ How is the edition from this year structured? Manufacturers and land based gambling distributers versus the online gambling.
The land based gambling is dominant in the exhibition, not being neglected the online part, the majority of exhibitors being focused on both versions. Moreover, services and products for the gambling rooms, as well as services adjacent to this industry are presented at Entertainment Arena Expo.

➤ Which is the area dedicated for the exhibition from this year?
The gross area is of almost 10.000 square meters, the exhibition taking place at the B2 area of the exhibition center Romexpo Bucharest.

➤ Tell us about the exhibitors. Which is the estimate number? From which country do they come?
Since the beginning, Entertainment Arena Expo attracted an important number of exhibitors and international visitors. Now, companies from 16 countries will be present, among these the United States of America, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, UK, Poland, countries from the former Yugoslavia and, of course, exhibitors of Romania. At the EAE 2019 edition, we have an estimate number of more than 50 stands representing almost 70 different companies or brands.

➤ Did their number change in comparison with the edition from last year? Do we find the traditional exhibitors at the 13th edition? Will new companies which will exhibit the services and products be present?
The number of exhibitors is relatively constant, varying a little each year depending on the evolution of the field and economic situation. Beside the nucleus of traditional exhibitors present at EAE 2019, each year there is a range of exhibitors who try to entry the market of Romania.

➤ How do you think the exhibitors will present?
As usually, from the details which we have concerning the stands and products, the presence will be a very good one.

➤ How do you comment the current legislative situation of Romania concerning the gambling?
Romania passed through the years by various legislative modifications, the exhibition feeling all their big or small shocks. Now, I consider that Romania has one of the best legislations of Europe, this reflecting in EAE.

➤ Thank you for the support which you give us this year concerning the organization of new edition of the seminar Ora Exacta in Gambling from Entertainment Arena Expo. What do you think about this seminar and about the fact that it takes place during the exhibition?
The seminar Ora Exacta in Gambling is welcomed, having a broad range of themes which cover the need for information of those who operate in the field of gambling.

➤ Thank you for the interview and we wish you a lot of luck in organizing the 13th edition of Entertainment Arena Expo.
Thank you too for the interview.