By. Andrei Frimescu, PR & Marketing Manager, Game World

In April, I was pleased to participate, along with my colleagues from Game World, at the Slot Academy training, organized by Lucien Wijsman and Totally Academy / Clarion Events.

The training took place in the Netherlands, in Leiden – a country and a city where bicycles, cars and electric buses are very popular – and was also an opportunity to have a city break experience and a networking opportunity.
I wanted to attend this course because I had the chance to work with Lucien Wijsman and I knew he was one of the best specialists in this field. As a result, my expectations have been fully met, because what makes this training different from other conferences and training is the performance of the trainer.

From the very beginning I was pleased to see that the content of this training was briefly presented with the title “It’s all about marketing” because I am also convinced that every decision, every action, everything we do in a casino has an effect on customer experience and, implicitly, a contribution to our marketing efforts.

In short, the three days during which the course was held were an example of a “one man show” where Lucien sent us from his information, knowledge and experience to one another speaking from the perspective of the slot machine expert, the player of the type “Real gambler” or “time of device”, the casino manager, the casino gaming and casino manufacturers, the casino owner or its consultants on slot machines operations or the interior design of game rooms.
As a result, I recommend this training to all those who are passionate about casino marketing and casino management and who want to move forward quickly to understand this business in-depth.