Anyone walking into a casino thinks money. Many are searching for gaming strategies that can bring the luck on their side. As for roulette, Martingale system is the most famous by far.

The American roulette is a top crowd-pleasing casino game and one of the easiest to play. This exciting ‚chance’ game involves throwing a small ball into the moving roulette wheel. When the roulette slows down, the ball stops into one of the numbered slots. The objective is to bet on a number or on a number formation where you believe the ball will stop on.
The roulette wheel is marked with 37 numbers (from 0 to 36). They are placed around on the wheel, in a specific order, in alternate colors (red and black), save for 0 that does not belong to any color.

The players can make the bets right on the table, with the dealer’s help. The bets can be placed on both numbers and the outside chances, which represent groups of numbers – red/black, even/odd, small numbers/big numbers, dozens and columns. Placing bets can only be done between the dealer’s ‘Call bets!’ and ‘Stop calling bets, thank you!’

Invented by French mathematician

Most strategies for winning in this game are based on Martingale system, which means to double your bet after every loss, so that the first win covers all your previous losses.

Martingale system was invented 300 years ago and used all out in the 18th century France. This strategy builds on the homonym theory, invented by French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy. It is said to be a perfect strategy to be used in the roulette game since the chances to have the ball fall on either red or black are 50%.

The idea would be flawless should a player had an infinite number of games and never-ending money to bet. The casinos, though, are trying to discourage the players using this system, by setting a cap on the amount that can be played.

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