The way to communicate with the players with problems

No player is entering in a gaming hall or is opening a gambling site with the intention to become addicted. Why this is happening we have already discussed in our last editions.

We will speak now about how we should comunicate with and about players with problems.

The ROMBET specialist on this subject is considering that when we are communication about this issue, there is not enough to talk only with the persons in difficulty, but also with the persons around them. „The addiction therapy is very complexed and includes the peicted person involved and the closed persons around (family and friends). The family must involve the addicted person in taking decisions. It is just wrong to isolate this person because, being vulnerable, there is a big risk to make him feel useless and go back to gambling. More, the family and the friends have to act in a way to support the player who wants to make a change. A special attention has to be given to underage persons. It is difficult for the parents to discover that their son or daughter are addicted, it is also difficult to talk to their children, but it is the best solution. Being opened for dialog, giving support, trying to understand the reasons – are essential”, explains Cristina Anghel, psihologist.

To be able to talk to the players with problems, you have to be able to identify them. And it is not easy. Usually, this is a job for a specialist. “It is very difficult to discover the players with problems because; the addiction in their cases is not very visible in the beginning, like it is happening in other cases of addictions. When it becomes visible – when the person is missing the job, when there are financial problems which affect the family budget – there is a sign that this person is already sick and needs specialty support from a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist”, says Cristina Anghel.

Once the addiction is admitted and assumed, the players can participate to the therapy sessions where, under the privacy protection, can speak freely about their fears. “We are always using a simple language, adapted to every person. When the participants are learning from other people experiences they are sharing experiences with other people who really understand their condition. And when they realize they are not alone in those circumstances, the healing is started”, said Cristina Anghel.

“It is very important the way to communicate with the players, but it is also very important the way they are talking none with the other. The internet is full of information and articles, but most of them are using a language not very accessible”, consider Dan Iliovici, prim-vicepresident Rombet Association.“The players with problems and their families have to have an easy access to information and to responsible gaming programs. It is useless to have such a program dedicated to the players with problems, if the persons who need help can’t find it. More, we consider that there is a need for a communication strategy at the industry level, so the operators to promote the responsible gaming practices. It is relevant the situation in Great Britain where has become more and more important the responsibility when it is to advertise the messages of the gambling operators” concluded the Rombet representative.


In conclusion, in every program dedicated to the education and support of the players with problems the modality to give support is very important and has a major role in recovering the persons who are not having fun anymore, but the game has became a negative issue for the friends, family and coworkers.

The series of the articles about responsible gaming will continue in the next editions. The subject can also be found on our website at Responsible Gaming Section. We are waiting, as usually, your comments and suggestions at
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