For the Rombet Gambling Organizers Association, the autumn continued with the participation at important international events, as well as with the organization of three new seminars on topics that raised the interest of our members.
Being the largest association in the field Romania, with more than 50 national and international members, for Rombet, attending industry level events in Europe has become a habit. After participating in the World Regulatory Briefing, Betting on Sports and the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference in October, Rombet representatives were in Berlin, where they took part in the Excellence in iGaming (Eig) conference, an event whose theme this year was the “Hybrid Generation”. More than 100 renowned speakers approached topics of great interest to all those involved in gambling, Rombet members having the opportunity to learn through the association officials who were present in Germany, about the opportunities offered by AI (“ artificial intelligence“) or Blockchain technology to attract and retain especially the generation of millennials.
The first gambling products are already appearing being dedicated to the new wave of gambling consumers – “Generation Z”, those who today are 20-25 years old. The most notable innovations here are the so-called DFS, Daily Fantasy Sports, which already constitute a $ 7 billion market in America. They combine gambling with skill games, all of which take place in a “social” environment, in a community. Hence the hybrid generation, that is combining several currents into one: gambling, skill, social.
“We are a member of the Consultative Council of the National Office for Gambling and we are extremely involved in the definition of the legal framework of the field in Romania but, at the same time, we represent for all our members a lever of communication, not just in terms of constant dialogue with the legislator, but also in terms of the international context. From the very beginning, we participated in the most important events of our sector at conferences and exhibitions where all those present had the opportunity to learn about the constant progress made by our country in this sector, but also about the reasons why Romania is one of the most attractive states in Europe for investors at the moment”, said Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghită, Rombet president.

In Berlin, within EiG, renowned companies with activities in our field have expressed their interest in becoming members of Rombet, identifying the opportunity to establish strategic partnerships that will increase their chances to develop solid business in our country. “It was a global meeting and a very important presence for our association.
From iGaming providers and land based casinos to betting and lottery companies and members of regulators or consultants, participation has been numerous and varied and companies have not missed out the opportunity to show interest in joining our association”, said Bogdan Coman, Chief Executive Officer, Rombet representative at the event in Germany.

BetGames TV representatives – an innovative betting concept provider on a live casino and live lottery game, President BtoBet – a company providing complex platforms for sports betting operators as well as Betgenius and Twispay executives were among the discussion partners which Rombet director had the pleasure of exchanging ideas and opinions with. EiG was also a good opportunity to discuss with the regulators of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe regarding online gambling, such as Malta, Alderny or Isle of Man, and to inspire them from their experience in creating a favorable framework for hundreds of companies which choose to apply for operator licenses or service providers for the gambling industry.
If for the Romanian association the international presence will continue this autumn with the Eastern European Gaming Summit and the BEGE Expo in Sofia, the Rombet agenda is equally busy at national level too. Extremely involved in the pursuit of changes in the legislation in our country, the representatives of the association continued in Cluj (October 27th) and Iasi (10th of November) with the series of seminars – with free access – to inform and educate the operators.

Hosted by Mr. Anchidim Zagrean, Vice-President of Rombet and an expert in accounting, tax and gambling regulations, the seminars this autumn detailed a subject of maximum interest, the “Organization and control of gambling and the consequences of non-compliance” as well as other topical topics for those present, namely “Joint Venture” and “The News of the Tax Code and the Fiscal Procedure Code”. “Organizing such seminars is not only welcome but also necessary. If until recently we explained the norms and how they have to be applied, it is time to talk about what happens if the operators do not respect them – which, hopefully, will not be the case on the market in our country. As usual, the presence was more than welcome, the participants being very receptive, and the highly targeted talks, as we expect it to also be at the seminar to be held in Bucharest on November 23rd”, said Mr. Anchidim Zagrean, Vice-President Rombet.
“We will continue to organize and encourage such seminars, we will represent, as we have been doing it until now, our members at the major events in the field and we will remain the main interface between them and the legislator, in terms of taking the best measures to the benefit of the development of the industry in our country and the positioning of Romania as an example of good practices for the countries in the region”, concluded Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghită, the president of Rombet.

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