For a rather short time it’s been talking about the term ”safe gambling”, as a possible replacer for the notion ”responsible gambling”. Thus, while the responsible gambling focuses on studying and fighting the negative effects of excessive gambling practice, the broader concept of ”safe gambling”, also contains the prevention area.

For example, one of the largest organizations dedicated to responsible gambling from the United States, Maryland, frequently publishes prevention advice for the players, which it tries to popularize as much as possible with the help of state institutions or of other organizations from the communities.
Among them we can find ”always set a financial limit to your game
and respect it”; ”never take a credit card or a debit card with you at the gambling hall”, ”gain is not a safe thing”, ”pay your bills first, and bet only with the money you afford to lose”. These are practical and common-sense recommendations, but neglecting them may create a negative context very troublesome for the players. The experts of a publication from Great Britain – financed by several famous universities and non-profit organizations – declare that ”it is very easy to blame the gambling industry, the relaxed regulation or the players themselves for the damage caused by gambling.
But, rather than being caught in a game of exchanging responsibilities, it is more productive to notice that everyone can play an important role in the limitation of the consumption of gambling “.
In fact, this was the favorite subject of the panel dedicated to responsible gambling, to fighting money laundering, to knowing the customers (KYC – Know Your Customer) and the matter of arranging sports competitions (match fixing) within Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference and Awards 2018, organized at Budapest. The speakers – Ray Wilson (Anti-Money Laundering Global Solutions Ltd), Bahar Alaeddini (Harris Hagan), Francesco Baranca (Federbet), Jack Symons (Gamban), moderated by Dan Iliovici – vice-president ROMBET – emphasized the subtle connection between the four subjects grouped in the panel, although each of them has different sources and solutions.
In what regards the change of paradigm and the adoption of the concept of ”safe gambling”, Mr. Iliovici declared: ”The transfer of responsibility in a broader range, containing prevention as well, is an idea which takes more and more shape. In a way, it appears more simple and logical to co-opt a larger number of operators and representatives of the authorities, psychologists and other important factors in this process and to elaborate a set of prevention standards, the so-called thresholds. The gambling industry can promote a responsible behavior in what regards the game and can explain the players how much is … “too much” in gambling. Practicing them must remain an entertainment means, not aiming by any means some gains which might change someone’s condition or social statute. Of course, the operators must promote this idea and … to self-promote themselves in the same spirit. In its turn, the authority may inform the players about how much time and money they’ve been spending gambling ”.
At the event Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference and Awards 2018, from Budapest, the delegation ROMBET was led by Mr.Dan Iliovici, vice-president. CEEGC 2018 reunited representatives of gambling operators, related services suppliers (payment processors, suppliers of gambling platforms, game producers etc.), law houses, consultants and media trusts.
The Conference covered the most important and actual subjects debated at industry level, both in Central and Eastern Europe, and in the entire world, among which, responsible gambling, innovation in gambling, artificial intelligence in gambling industry and payment systems.

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